12 Serious Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever In Babies & Toddlers

scarlet fever in toddlers

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Is your baby suffering from scarlet fever? Well, the red color rash you find is the result of streptococcus bacteria.

Babies are very sensitive to this toxic bacterium. If you touch the red colored rash, you will find it feels like sandpaper. If you think your baby is suffering from scarlet fever, you must consult a doctor immediately.

Scarlet Fever:

Can babies get scarlet fever? Yes, babies and toddlers between the ages of 2 and 10 are mostly affected by this fever. It used to be a deadly disease before. Today it can be treated with antibiotics and is much less dangerous than what it used to be.

Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever In Babies:

Development of the red color rash is one of the most prominent signs of scarlet fever in babies. Have a closer look:

  1. The rash spreads in the back, chest and in other parts of the body.
  2. It is particularly visible in the creases, like elbows and underarms.
  3. These areas tend to turn white when pressed.
  4. Rashes on your baby will disappear on the
    6th day and the skin affected starts to peel.
  5. Apart from the rashes, you may notice soreness of throat and fever above 103 degree.
  6. Back of the throat and the tonsils may look swollen and dotted with yellow pus.
  7. In the initial days of infection, the tongue may appear white.
  8. Your toddler may complain of loss of appetite, nausea, body aches and chills.
  9. The fever stays for generally 3 to 5 days.
  10. The sore throat also disappears with time.
  11. Peeling of skin may last for 10 days.
  12. Right dose of antibiotics will bring the swollen glands and tonsils to normal.

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How Do I Know If My Baby Has Scarlet Fever?

If you are not sure whether your baby is suffering from scarlet fever, you need to take him to a doctor. Your doctor shall perform the following examinations:

  • He shall look into the characteristic of rash on your baby.
  • He will examine his “strawberry tongue” for changing colors and his throat.
  • He will swab his throat and send the sample to lab to look for streptococcal bacteria.

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When To Seek Medical Help?

Scarlet fever interferes with normal sleep and eating patterns of your baby. So make sure to visit a doctor in the following cases:

  • If you find the symptoms of scarlet fever.
  • If your baby has strep throat.
  • Scarlet fever when left untreated can lead to kidney damages and heart failure.

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Self-Care Guidelines You Can Follow:

Scarlet fever is contagious and it can be difficult for you to stop it from spreading among others, who are not immune to the infection. Here is what you can try in this case:

  • Keep your baby’s clothes and utensils separate from others.
  • Ask the caregivers to wash their hands.
  • Offer your baby soft foods and plenty of fluids.
  • You can soothe his itching by applying calamine lotions.
  • Ask your doctor if you can offer ibuprofen to your baby to offer relief from fever.
  • To ensure there is enough moisture you can use a cool mist humidifier. This will help soothe his sore throat.
  • You can wrap a warm moist towel around his neck to soothe his swollen glands.
  • Trim his finger nails short if his rash is itching. This way you can protect his rash from getting further damaged.

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The good news is it is not very common to get scarlet fever more than once, even though your baby might get strep throat several times. You need to call the doctor if his fever does not subside even after 48 hours of starting the antibiotics.

Moms, share with us your experience of scarlet fever and what you did to alleviate discomforts of your baby in the comment section below.

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