7 Simple Steps To Turn Into A Perfect Role Model For Your Child

Role Model For Your Child

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Do you want to inculcate values in your child but do not know how to get started? Do you know a child’s behaviour is a reflection of that of his parent? Yes, you read it right! While you may protect your child from the negative influences of the big bad world outside, your temperamental behaviour may encourage your child to turn a bully!

Parents are the primary positive role models for children. They influence his behaviour, personality, thinking, actions, reactions, values, fitness, lifestyle, etc. Are you keen to become the subject of your child’s inspiration and admiration? Well, this article gives you seven simple steps to turn a perfect role model for kids! Want to know more? Read on!

1. Involvement:

Find out ways to connect with your child. Do activities together like playing a sport, discussing a television show, or preparing a meal. These activities will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your children. You may face difficulty in finding time from

your busy schedule. However, you need to invest time to make a bond that will last you a lifetime. Include your children in family discussions. Ask them to share their opinion about the family’s rules, decisions and expectations.

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2. Practice What You Preach:

Try to practice what you preach. Children, especially teenagers, notice when you don’t follow home rules. You may teach your child, not to hit others and yet give him a spanking as a punishment. By doing so, you may end up giving mixed signals and confusing your child.

3. Healthy Habits:

Inculcate healthy lifestyle habits in your child by eating well and regularly exercising. Do not make negative comments about your body and appearance in front of your children. Encourage them to be physically active so that they enjoy good health as they grow up.

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4. Respect:

Show respect and kindness to other people, be it young or old. Parents who disrespect others in front of their children are in a way teaching their children that other people are not important. If you want your child to respect you and others, then respect your child first. Teach all the members of the family to treat each other with respect.

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5. Admit Your Mistake:

Role models are also humans. Do not lose heart if you see yourself making mistakes. Admit your mistake, learn from it and strive to better yourself. Do not blame anything or anyone. Getting upset or angry will encourage your child to respond to his problems, in the same way.

6. Display Strong Values:

Understand that children experience various problems related to their personality, genetics, peers, upbringing, school, community, etc. The ethical and empathetic behaviour of parents can inculcate values that can counteract all the negative influences of press, media, and internet on children.

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7. Problem Solving Skills:

As a child grows, he needs guidance on a variety of issues. Parents can share their personal experiences and decision-making skills with their children. Use problem-solving skills to deal with the conflicts in a productive way. By addressing problems in your life, you can encourage your child to address his concerns and conflicts confidently and independently.

You need to be mindful of your words and actions with your children around. Think, act and talk in a positive way.

It will help your child imbibe those qualities that will make you proud as a parent!

We hope these tips help you become the perfect role model for kids.

Tell us how you became the good role models for kids, please share your advice with us here.

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