10 Simple Tips To Teach Your Kids To Be More Responsible

Teach Your Kids To Be More Responsible

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Is your kid always ready with an excuse for every missed commitment or question you have? Have you noticed a lack of responsibility in your kid of late? Does your kid try and put the blame on someone as a regular habit?

If you feel your kid has been displaying any of the behavioral signs mentioned above, maybe it’s time to start the responsibility talk. Read on to know how you can teach responsibility to your little one without losing your cool in 10 simple yet effective steps on how to teach responsibility to kids!

How To Teach Kids To Be Responsible?

As a parent, you are the first person that your kid learns anything from. That also includes a sense of responsibility. In every miniscule thing that you do, your kid picks up training about life lessons like taking responsibility.

You may not notice it yet, but teaching kids to be responsible can be a fruitful avenue and is an effortless and easy task. Here are some easy ways on how to raise a responsible child, that can

start bringing about the change in your kid, and in you.

1. Show The Link:

Your kid may be too young to understand the concept of an act and its related consequence. Try and tell in easy terms how simple, everyday activities can have a positive impact. For example, if your kid has scored well in a school test, point out that because your kid studied hard, the test results came out so good. This will show your kid that studying hard equals to good grades. On the other hand, if your kid did not do so well in the class test, point out that because your kid did not revise at home, the test results came out not so good. Pointing out to your kid what he did and how it brought about a reaction will help him understand the link.

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2. Be The Example:

Your kid will emulate almost all your behavior, without you or your kid realizing it. You may have promised a fun evening out at the mall, but ended up cancelling due to work commitments. You may forget all about it, but this could set a tone for your kid. Promising something and not coming through with it may not look like such a big deal to you. But it surely is a glaring mistake on your part. It would imprint in his mind that it is okay to not honor your commitments. Try to stick to your promises as much as you can. If you do end up not coming through on a promise, make an effort to fulfill the promise at a stage. A word for the wise, do not commit to something that you are not hundred percent sure about.

3. Encourage Honesty:

At any given time, your kid should be able to come up to you and speak without hesitation or fear. Speak to your kid regularly and make sure you are a good listener. Any time that your kid comes up to you to share something, listen without losing your cool. Even if it is something you may not approve of, do not immediately judge or criticize. This will ease your kid into telling you the truth.

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4. Assign Responsibility According To Age:

It is always a good idea to start assigning simple tasks that are age-appropriate. If your kid is very young, you can always ask him to start cleaning up after play time. Tasks like filling up the water bowl for the pet, setting the table, dumping dirty clothes in the clothes hamper and other similar simple tasks are a great way to start. These will make your kid responsible for the small acts they are assigned.

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