7 Factors That Influence Children’s Social And Emotional Development

7 factors that influence children’s social and emotional development

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While it is much easier to determine the physical growth of your kids with few milestones, the early years of your kid can also be determined through social and emotional developmental milestones.

The role of the two major developments – social and emotional – is very important in every child’s life. It acts as a basic foundation in their life when they grow up. This foundation helps your child handle his or her personal feelings, understand the feelings of others, respect other’s thoughts, and make a positive interaction with others.

Factors That Affect The Emotional Development In Children:

First, it is important for you to remember that the development of each child is unique and complex. There might be slight or huge differences in the social and emotional development of your child, as it is associated with a number of factors. The most common factors are:

1. Inborn temperament

2. Model behavior by adults

3. Cultural influences

4. Opportunities presented by social


5. Disabilities

6. Level of security

7. The relationship levels shared with adults

Essential Points To Remember About Your Kids:

Your baby tends to start relationships with the members around him from the time of birth. The process of development, such as controlling the emotions or behaving properly might take a few years to develop.

1. The process of social and emotional development in children tends to continue until they reach their last teenage years.

2. This is why you will notice a difference in your kids while they are sharing things, taking turns or making friends as they grow.

3. The emotional view of development allows your kid to understand or control his or her internal emotions. The social aspect of development helps balance the external elements like interacting with family and friends.

4. As a responsible parent, it is important for you to know which social and emotional skills your kids lack right from birth to help them accomplish it as they grow.

Why Is Social Development In Children Important?

Your kids need to develop healthy social and emotional skills. It is very important you help them do so, as it would help them to:

  • Nurture relationships
  • Master the qualities of initiating, discovering, learning and playing
  • Create attention and persistence
  • Control and regulate their behavior
  • Develop a control over their emotions

How To Enhance Social and Emotional Skills?

Social and emotional development in early childhood is most essential for your kids to know that they can trust you and be dependent on you completely.

1. This feeling can be created only by you. Stay consistent and be responsive towards your kids.

2. Remember to place some rules to discipline your kids as they grow bigger.

3. When your child realizes what you expect from him or learns what would happen if the rules are not followed or broken, they would learn that being orderly is the right thing to do.

4. This would also offer your kid a good sense of self control.

5. To help your kids develop social and emotional skills, you have to create the opportunity to let your kids play with others. You can do this by taking them to a park, enroll them in a play school, help them to learn about their abilities and help them in expressing their feelings well.

6. You can also try to offer limited options to help your child make their own decisions regarding simple everyday things like what they need for dinner, which color dress they wish to wear, etc.

7. These choices would help your kids to form their own decisions and offer them greater levels of confidence.

8. In a social environment, your kids must be able to express their feeling with the right kind of emotions and through the right way.

9. If you feel that your kid is highly emotional or jealous, motivate your child to talk about what they feel without throwing any temper tantrums.

10. This would help your kid to refrain from any emotional outbreak during such occasions as it would prevent them from hurting others.

11. Sometimes, when kids don’t have control over their emotions, they tend to hit or yell at their friends or younger siblings.

12. During such occasions, it is essential for you to tell them that it is not acceptable and suggest an alternate response.

13. Another important thing you need to remember as a parent is to never shout or yell at your kids. You also need to refrain from doing so at anyone in front of your kids, as they might tend to follow your actions.

14. This can influence the social and emotional development in your kid and would spoil the character of your kids while he grows.