6 Ways To Spark Your Child’s Creativity

how to develop creativity in kids

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As a parent, you may want your kids to grow up as creative individuals. But are you searching for the roadmap to reach there?

All kids are born with a certain level of creativity and often some of it is acquired genetically. However, when nurtured by parents and caregivers, the hidden talents come out.

Creativity helps a person fulfill different chores in a day without taking any additional stress.

6 Ways On How To Develop Creativity In Kids:

You can identify creativity in your kids by nurturing them the right way, in the following ways:

1. Allow Them To Make Mistakes:

Children, who are afraid of failing, find it difficult to think creatively.

  • Encourage your child if she seems disappointed with the outcome.
  • Mistakes should be considered as opportunities for growth and a fresh start.

2. Don’t Worry About The Mess:

You may tend to feel overwhelmed with the mess around.

  • You need to appreciate the creativity in her and not worry about the mess.
  • Make a separate space fo
    r her to paint the walls and draw to her heart’s content. Your temporary inconvenience will surpass with the creative benefits.

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3. Be Broad Minded:

Offer choices to your kid to think independently.

  • You may not like the idea of having pizza before going to school, but be open for it.
  • Let her help you in the kitchen if that means a complete mess. Give her access to selected ingredients and tools in the kitchen.

4. Set Her Free At Times:

Your child must not feel she is under constant surveillance.

  • Allow her to take risks that are not very dangerous.
  • Encourage autonomy to see her imagination bloom.
  • Next time she is engaged in play, writing or drawing, make sure you are not commenting like “What are you drawing?” Instead you can make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself.

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5. Go Back To The Basics:

Toys that beep can be extremely fun for kids.

  • Give her office supplies, sand, water, tubes and blocks and allow her to enjoy.
  • Watch her come up with creative ideas.

6. Put Restriction On Screen Time:

While it may be difficult to reduce the screen time, you can make sure you are not spending too much time watching the screen.

  • Rather than spending time watching cartoons and videos, you can help her building blocks and play with cupcakes.
  • These can be exciting options to reduce screen time.

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Ask Open Ended Questions:

You can inspire kids creativity by asking open ended questions, such as:

  • What if it rains on a Saturday?
  • What if you see a cat running in your backyard?
  • What happens when the cat, goat and cow come together?
  • What if all shoes have the same size?

Some of the questions can be too difficult for her and she may not be able to relate her experiences with the real world. You can take her for field trips, show videos or invite “experts” to develop her background experience.

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  • In no ways should you discourage your kids if they express creativity.
  • If your kid attempts singing, you must not stop her saying it is not good. You can instead try and divert her attention to other creative areas by telling her ways to excel in singing.
  • Kids lose self confidence with a little bit of discouragement.
  • Praising is a good way to encourage your kid to think independently.

There are different exciting ways to bring out the creativity in your kid. Whether she is involved in creative arts, dance or movement activities, careful planning will help to develop her creative thinking capabilities better.

Go ahead and explore the world around through your kid’s eyes. You will surely be amazed to see a different world around you.

Share your views and tips on how to develop kids creativity with other parents in the comment section below.

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