3 Simple Ways To Promote Social And Emotional Development In Early Childhood

Emotional Development

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As soon as you hold your little bundle of joy, your entire focus and locus seems to shift to just ensuring the well-being and good health of your baby. And rightfully so!

The first few years of your child’s growth are important and crucial to his or her overall health and well being. It is important to ensure that you take the right steps to ensure that you help and contribute effectively to your child’s social and emotional development in early childhood.

Importance Of The Right Development:

Why special attention is important to the social and emotional development during your baby’s early childhood?

As parents, you are naturally worried for the well being of your child, but with the changing times social and emotional development needs to be focused upon due to:

1. Technological Advancements And Changes:

The times are now changing and we are becoming more and more technologically dependent and physically distant.

  • Children, as they will grow, will depend on technology to comm
    unicate and, in most cases, make a living.
  • So it is important to inculcate the necessary social skills in your child to deal with changing times.

2. Impact And Role Of Social Media:

Now a days the social media plays a great role in all our relationships. With changes in the way we interact and breakdown in traditional social set ups, all these takes precedence in your child’s life as he or she grows.

  • It becomes your paramount responsibility to ensure that you, as a parent, help your child from a young age to deal with any problem that the internet might bring forth.
  • Help your child to connect with people face to face, rather than hide behind a screen.
  • You also need to help your child experience positive situations and reinforce good behavior, so that they give due importance to people around them.

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How To Ensure A Healthy Social And Emotional Development In Early Childhood?

As babies start growing, their needs begin to change. But they always have a common fear or anxiety of being away from parents, being alone, simple fears, certain phobias, disorders related to day to day conduct, attention deficit disorders, etc., might crop up.

All these can be taken care of at a young age if you, a parent, focus your energy and help your child understand and see logic in things. Here are certain suggestions:

1. Reach Out To Your Doctor:

  • If you are unsure of what you need to do and how you can deal with a situation, talk to your doctor or reach out to your general physician.
  • To get and develop a deeper understanding of what you can do and what you should not do to take care of your child’s needs.

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2. No Extreme Emotional Situations:

  • If you see or feel that you will be caught up in highly unstable or emotional turbulent situation or one that could also lead to physical abuse, make sure you keep your child as far as possible.
  • He or she should not be exposed to any such situation as it could have an adverse impact.

3. Get Involved With Other Children:

  • Don’t let your child be isolated.
  • Take your baby out for a stroll, take them to a park and let them interact with people.
  • Instill in your baby a faith, belief and trust factor for all the things that surround him or her.
  • Don’t try to shield or cut your child off from anything; let your darling experience the world, but always be around to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Get Professional Guidance:

There might be, in a few cases, a situation where you are unable to handle the child or establish the reason for their irate behavior. It is important to get regular health checkups done to rule out the possibility of any disease or problem.

Remember, your child grows the most before the age of five, be sure to remain patient and inculcate the right morals and values at this time. You will be glad to see how your child will shape up with the right guidance, love and support!

Do share your methods and experiences on the emotional and social development in early childhood in the comment section below:

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