10 Yummy Baking Recipes To Try Out For Your Kids

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One of the toughest jobs for many moms is to bring your kid to the dining table for his or her meals. Most kids are finicky about eating. They can gorge on junk food 24×7 but are often reluctant eating anything healthy. What can be done to make these tiny tots eat healthy stuff!

If your kid is one among them, then you need not worry as there is a variety of baked recipes that will solve your problem. Since these dishes are baked and not fried, they will not add to unnecessary carbohydrate intake of kids and are tasty as well, so your little ones can pamper their taste buds as well.

Top 10 Easy Baking Recipes For Kids:

Here are top 10 baking recipes which your kids will love to have it anytime.

1. Baked Eggs:

baked eggs

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Eggs are healthy and a great source of protein. These are essential intake for your growing kids and teenagers. As it is a great source of energy, these can be consumed as boiled eggs or can be baked with a pinch of salt or mint, used for garnishing. Eg

gs are healthy breakfast items and it can be served with milk or juice.

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2. Baked Poha:

baked poha

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Poha is a famous recipe both for breakfast as well as snacks in many Indian households. It has intake of essential nutrients. Since this contains essential vegetables and especially groundnuts, kids will enjoy eating it.

3. Baked Sandwich:

baked sandwich

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Baked sandwiches are an easy and quick option if you are unable to think of any other snacking item. A baked cheese sandwich or a vegetable sandwich is a simple way to put off your child’s hunger pangs in the evening.

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4. Baked Cakes:

baked cakes

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Cakes are irresistible not only for kids but also for adults. You can bake any flavor, like strawberry, chocolate, pineapple or butterscotch. Relish these baked cakes any time with your children and make a lazy Sunday filled with excitement and fun.

5. Baked Chips:

baked chips

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Chips are one of the favorite snacks of children. These are easy snacks items that are light on stomach yet fulfilling. A plateful of baked chips and a glass of fruit juice is sufficient to fill your darlings’ stomach after he or she returns from the playground.

6. Baked Potato:

baked potato

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When it comes to deciding what your kid can eat in snacks or a light meal, one cannot forget the contribution of potatoes. Whether used as a stuffing or eaten all plain, nothing can beat potatoes in the platter. Baked potatoes served with a pinch of spice and chutney can really leave your kid asking for more.

7. Baked Samosa:

baked samosa

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Samosa is a universal Indian snack, relished all over the country by all kinds of discerning palates. Accompanied by chutney, samosas are the best and easy baking recipe for kids or a get together with old pals. Kids in particular love this snack and can gorge on a number of them with ease. To make it calorie free, you can bake samosas. These are light, not deep fried and are equally tasteful as its fried counterpart.

8. Baked Burrito:

baked burrito

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Burrito, though an Italian dish, is quite famous among kids. A baked burrito can be prepared by stuffing vegetables and cheese which makes it all the more healthy and nutritious for your children. This can be your savior for a sumptuous yet yummy packed lunch box or picnic box for your child.

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9. Baked Cauliflower:

baked cauliflower

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Though vegetables do not excite kids, if prepared with a little smartness, you can easily serve exotic veggies in your kids’ plate! Baked cauliflower in cheese sauce will leave your kids licking their fingers. This heavy and fulfilling meal is nutritious as well as a treat for your child’s taste buds. So experiment with this dish and see how your kid becomes a fan of baked cauliflower.

10. Baked Pasta:

baked pasta

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This Italian dish is loved by one and all. You can experiment with pasta giving it an Indian touch as well as changing the way of its preparation by baking it. Baked pasta is tasteful and a healthy option of filling your kid’s stomach.

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Did you try any of these above mentioned easy baking recipes for kids to make? If so, which is your kid’s favourite? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

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