8 Amazing Benefits Of Consuming Fish & Fish Oil For Kids

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Children are very picky when it comes to eating. No matter how many tantrums they throw, it is very important that you make them eat everything when they are young and yet to develop their own taste and preferences.

Moreover, in their growing age, children require optimum nutrition. Your children cannot afford to miss out on certain foods. Fish is one of them, which you should definitely make your children eat.

Advantages of Consuming Fish Oil and Fish For Kids:

The regular and controlled eating of fish can help your body fight against various disorders and diseases. Following are the some of the facts about the fish and health benefits of fish oil for kids.

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Human body does not produce the fat called omega. Fish consumption provided this healthy fat. These fats are considered to be great for development of brain and eye vision.

2. Provides Proteins:

Proteins are very important for growing children, as it helps in building muscles.

3. Vitamins A And D:

Fish contains good amounts of vitamin A which is very advantageous for skin and eyes. While vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium for growth of bones.

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4. Rich In Minerals:

Apart from proteins and vitamins, selenium in fishes can help prevent cancer. Other mineral iodine helps in improving metabolism and zinc raises immunity.

5. Helps In Avoiding Asthma:

It is believed that children who eat more oily fish have less chance of developing asthma.

6. Beneficial For Children With ADHD:

Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have less of omega 3 in their body. They should consume fish more, for increased concentration and improved memory.

7. Reduced Cancer Risks:

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of occurrence of cancer to an extent. Certain cancers like oral and cavity, have less chance to occur in children who consume fish.

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8. Cure For Depression:

Again, depression is a sign of a low level of fatty acids in the brain. Those who consume fish regularly have very less chance of getting clinical depression.

Caution While Having Fish:

There is no denying the advantage of fish consumption, but there are certain risk factors associated. Here they are:

  • Fish from contaminated waters are high in mercury content. These should be avoided.
  • Fishes like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish should not be consumed by children. These fish contain high level of mercury.
  • Those fish which have low mercury level are salmon, shrimp, Pollock and catfish. Out of these salmon is excellent source omega 3 fatty acids.

If your child consumes high level of mercury then it is harmful to his or her brain and nervous system. Children are more vulnerable to mercury because their brain development is in the growth phase.

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How Much Fish Should Be Consumed?

As it is rightly said that excess of anything is bad. Make sure that fish consumption is not in excess to the appetite of your child.

  • Kids aged 1-2 years can be given 1 ounce or (28 grams).
  • Kids between the ages 3 to 6 should be given 1.5 ounces (or 42 grams).
  • Kids above 6 years can be given 2 ounces (or 56 grams).

There are many problems and disorders which children face at a young age because of improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Only intelligent and diligent meal planning, that includes all food groups, can make your kids escape from nutritional deficiencies.

We hope this article helps you to understand information about fish for kids. Now you can cautiously and consciously includes fish as part of your child’s diet.

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