How To Teach A Child To Blow Their Nose?

Child To Blow Their Nose

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Does your child often suffer from cold or a stuffy nose? Is your child unable to blow his nose and often suffers from a blocked nose as a result?

You may have tried asking your child to blow his nose, but without much success.

Read on to know how how to teach a child to blow their nose in an easy and effective way.

A Few Tips Before You Begin:

Before you move on to the steps, do keep the following in mind:

  • You may not think anything of blowing your nose, but for your child it can be a big thing, one that seems very difficult. Look at it from your child’s point of view.
  • Your child may be doing it for the first time. As with any new first task, this one too can seem quite tricky for your child to learn. Give him time and be patient. Remember that your child will need a few tries and maybe even a few days before he can start doing it right.
  • Make sure you praise your child when he does the steps right. Tell him when he does it correctly and let him know he is learning it
    well. In case your child is stuck on some step, show him how to do it and ask him to copy you.
  • Do not start teaching the steps when your child is sick. It is always better to teach your child how to blow his nose when he does not suffer from a blocked nose or cold.
  • Once you are done practicing, make sure your child disposes the used tissues in the bin. This is the way on how to teach a child to blow their nose.

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Steps On How To Teach Child To Blow Nose:

Here is a detailed step by step guide to teach your child how to blow his nose:

1. Teach Your Child About How To Form A Blow:

  • To ensure that your child can blow his nose properly, it is important to first teach him the concept of blowing.
  • Before telling him to blow through the nose, tell him to practice a few times with his mouth. Make it simple for him in the start so that he does not get confused or scared.
  • Ask him to blow out from his mouth the way he would blow on a birthday candle. If required, light a candle and ask him to blow it out. Practice this a few times.

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2. Show How To Inhale And Exhale Through The Nose:

  • Tell your child the concept of air going in and out of the nose. Tell him how he can control this flow of air.
  • First show your child how you breathe in the air. Ask him to copy you.
  • Now show your child how you breathe or blow out air through your nose. Ask him to copy you again. These are the ways on how to teach a kid to blow their nose.

3. Explain Why:

  • Tell your child why he has to learn how to blow his nose and how it will help him.
  • Tell him that learning to blow his nose will help him clear his nose when he has a cold or a stuffy nose. Tell him that it will also help him keep his nose clean.

4. Start Practice With A Tissue:

  • Once your child has practiced enough, hand him a box of tissues.
  • As with the previous steps, your child will need help again when actually starting practice with the tissue.
  • Understand that it may need a few tries before your child can actually do it.

5. The Final Practice:

  • Make sure your child has enough practice while he is not sick and does not have the cold.
  • However, once he does have a cold, hand him the tissue and ask him to carry out the steps he practiced. Blowing his nose when he does have a cold will make him understand just how it helps.

Give your child time and don’t get impatient if he takes longer than you think is needed.

Does your child know how to blow his nose? How did you teach him? Do share your tips with.

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