4 Good & 6 Bad Effects Of Television On Children


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In today’s world, where outside influence is constantly tempting your children, the television is one such outsider that is right inside your home.
Today, television is one of the most influential sources of media in any child’s life. As a parent, you are most likely on a constant battle with your child over the TV remote. What to watch, when to watch and how much to watch – are some topics that most parents have to think of. But as much as parents try and limit it, television does end up playing a big role in your child’s growing up years.

The bad news is you cannot remove it. The good news is you can use it to your benefit! Limited and supervised screen time can be a positive experience for children. It can be beneficial if you get involved when your child is watching a show. Not only does television influence your child, it also takes them to places around the world and opens up a treasure chest of information. All you need to do as a parent is to segregate the good an

d bad.

Impact of tv on Children:

To help you work around it better, here are the positive and negative effects of tv on children. Use it to the best advantage parents!

Positive Impact:

Television is not always bad for your kids. These days, there are some very good channels and shows that are an absolute watch for your children.

Here is a look at how television is good for your child:

1. Educational Shows:

Today, television has some very good shows that are a must for your child. Encourage your children to watch educational shows. These are a great choice for those times when they are stuck indoors.

  • Watching educational shows can introduce children to a wider vocabulary and increase their general knowledge
  • There are various shows that are created for toddlers. These are a great way to teach kids about alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, nursery rhymes and much more.
  • Wildlife and nature channels are a great way to help children learn about wildlife and nature in a realistic way.
  • Shows on history are another great way to get kids interested in lessons from the past.
  • There are certain shows that teach children about how various things are made. These are a great way to answer most queries that your child might have.

2. Health-Related Shows:

While the TV is denounced as ‘the couch’, it can also play a big role on giving your child some much needed physical time.

  • Encourage children to watch shows that teach aerobics or other exercises.
  • Let them follow a virtual exercise routine and practice it.
  • Clear out a work out area for your child in front of the TV and let her practice the moves.

3. Food-Related Shows:

Letting your child get a taste of cooking is a great idea to get her interested in eating.

  • Motivate your child to follow a healthy diet by directing her to TV shows which promote healthy eating.
  • Let her watch cooking shows for kids.
  • Encourage her to prepare food in the kitchen using these shows as a guide.
  • Once your child creates something on his/her own, he/she would be more interested to eat it too.
  • There are various shows that teach children how to bake. Let your child surprise friends with her creation.
  • There are various shows that teach children about the various food ingredient. These will help your child know more about the food that is on his/her plate.