Joint Pain In Children – Everything You Need To Know

Joint Pain In Children

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Are you worried about your child suffering from joint pains? Joint pain is uncommon in children and elderly people typically suffer the most. Is your mind disturbed to see your child suffering from joint pain?

Well, joint pains are no longer a problem for the elderly, though there could be a higher probability of it occurring among the aged. It is quite obvious that you wish to see your child suffer from joint pains. Your child has a long way to go in life and you would not like to see her suffer from anything serious at a very early age. Frequent joint pain can be a reason for alarm. Read our post here and learn all about joint pain in children.

Causes Of Joint Pain In Children:

When you are talking about children, it is natural and obvious that most joint pains occur due to excessive activity. You send out your child to play and hence there is a higher chance that your child will complain about joint pains after the day’s end.

Another underlying fact behind your worry

can be your child growth’s itself. Ah! Are you confused? Then don’t be. Such a form of pain falls under the category of growing pains. It can occur due to bone growth and elongation. However, some age groups are more prone than others. The period between 3-5 years and 8-12 years are considered the most potential period of such occurrence. It is the phase when your child grows up and the body is at constant growth stage.

There are instances where you will find it difficult to figure out why your child suffers from joint pain. You should reflect on your child’s food habits. Research suggests that an excess of protein content in your child’s diet can cause joint pains. It results due to the formation of uric acid in the joints, which in turn increases joint pains when your child goes out jumping and playing.

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Unfortunately no explanation as such exists as why only your child is affected. This happens by a mere chance and only way to avoid it would be to stay fit and fine and keep the immune system always strong.

Arthritis can also affect children as well. Categorized as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis or JRA is a condition that affects your child causing pain and swelling in the joints. It is indeed a severe condition and the pain is excruciating. The real cause of JRA is still unknown and thus is a dreadful condition for your child. Deep research and bits and pieces of clues point out to a condition of “autoimmune disease”. An auto immune disease will treat the body’s own cells as foreign object and try to eliminate them by destroying them (1).

In simpler terms, the body is fooled by its own parts and thus destroys itself. The symptoms develop at an early age, typically before 16. There are different types of JRA in children. Your child might get contract any of the following:

  • Systemic: it spreads across the whole body and involves swelling, rash and fever.
  • Polyarticular: this type of JRA involves a few major joints usually numbered between five and higher. Sometimes, the JRA can involve neck and back joints.
  • Pauciarticluar JRA: involves four or less joints. Mostly it will affect the wrists or knee.

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Symptoms Of Joint Pain In Children:

Some of the symptoms of child joint pain are severe, and the slightest negligence on your end can cost you way too much.

  • Swollen joint or red color joint.
  • Your child might limp or have problems while moving the limbs. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Sudden and frequent fever occurrences.
  • Rash appearing and disappearing with fever.
  • Problem moving through joints, stiffness at joints.

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Complications Of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis:

If your child suffers in a few joints, there are high chances that the symptoms get overlooked. It is a critical point, you would think that your child is not strong enough and is always complaining after every day’s play. Well, the reason could be much more serious that you think. Mild juvenile arthritis is like a slow poison and can turn severe with time. The symptoms never end and your child might face a lot of problems during school. The possible complications that surface when arthritis strikes your child can be:

  • Uneven bone growth.
  • Slow body growth.
  • Wearing up of joints and its destruction.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Swelling around heart.

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Taking Your Child To The Doctor:

When your child suffers persistently from joint pains, the situation could be alarming and you need to take care of it seriously. There are high chances of your child suffering from bone infections and rheumatic fever. So, make sure you ring up your pediatrician as soon as you discover the presence of joint pains.

Treating Joint Pain In Kids:

Now that you have know so much about joint pains in children, what about its treatment?

Well, there is no permanent cure for the condition, and affected children have to live with it. However, there are a few drugs and activities that can help your child with joint pain.

Some of the ways are:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce the symptoms.
  • Corticosteroids help reduce the intensity of the condition.
  • Biological drugs like infliximab help control the situation.
  • Exercises like swimming, cycling, and brisk walking are great help. These physical activities will keep your child active and thus muscles and joints will have the definite space to work out.
  • If your child suffers from joint pains, look for a physical trainer or physiotherapist to help her overcome the condition. Physiotherapy and medication will keep your child healthy and fit.

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Be strong and help your child beat the pain. Do not ignore the condition and always watch out for the symptoms. Does your little one suffer from joint pain? Tell us about it below.

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