What Are The Risks Of Sudden Weight Gain In Children?


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Has your child suddenly turned into an obese kid? Did she gain weight suddenly? Are you worried about the sudden weight gain and do you wish to know how it happens?

If you are looking for answers about your child’s sudden weight gain, read our post on sudden weight gain in children and learn all the possibilities today.

What Should Be An Ideal Weight For Your Child?

Before you start thinking of your child’s sudden weight gain as abnormal, it is important for you to know the ‘normal’ weight range for your child’s age group. The ‘normal’ or ‘ideal’ weight range is a wide. Your child’s weight will also depend on her body type and family medical history. To be sure about how much she should ideally weigh, it is important that you schedule a doctor appointment and get the required diagnosis done.

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How To Diagnose Child Weight Gain?

There are a number of reasons that could cause a sudden weight gain, and the best person to judge

these reasons is a doctor. Here are a few reasons that could cause a sudden weight gain in kids:

  • If your child is nearing puberty, she will most likely go through a lot of hormonal changes and imbalance. Some hormonal changes can often cause a rise in body weight, leading to your child’s sudden weight gain in a short amount of time.
  • If your child has just had her first period, it can also cause a shift in her body weight, and often on the higher side. Such weight gain is not permanent, and it does not mean that she will keep gaining a lot of weight from now.
  • As your child starts dealing with the world outside home, she will go through a lot of emotional changes and interactions. Often, these interactions can lead to stress and result in sudden weight gain.
  • Your child may have had to give up or cut down on her level of physical activity suddenly, for reasons like academic pressure or others. In such a case, it could also lead to a rise in her body weight.
  • Medication plays a big role in weight gain, especially medications which you need to take for a short period. If your child is on certain medications, she may gain weight as a side effect of the same.

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Risks Of Sudden Weight Gain In Children?

You may feel that the sudden weight gain is just a passing phase that will soon pass. While the scenario is perfectly possible, it is also possible that there is some underlying medical reason that causes the sudden weight gain. Here are a few things you should need to monitor about your child’s sudden weight gain:

  • If your child is overweight, she is at a higher risk of various health problems.
  • Some health conditions that may affect your child’s weight gain are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and even diabetes.

Whatever the cause, it is important to speak to your child’s doctor and highlight the sudden change in her weight.

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How To Look After Your Child’s Weight?

In many cases, a sudden increase in your child’s weight is a result of her lifestyle. Try some of these tips, to prevent unwanted sudden weight gain:

  • Limit or cut off your child’s intake of junk food and colas and encourage her to have homemade meals instead.
  • Ensure she sleeps for at least ten hours every night and dinner finishes two hours before bedtime.
  • Encourage your child to be physically active. Enroll her in a sports club. Get her off the couch and off gaming consoles that may be adding to the weight.

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Your child’s sudden weight gain could be normal or a cause of concern and your doctor will be the best judge for the same.

Did your child face any weight issues? How did she overcome them? Tell us your story here.