Top 10 Sleepover Ideas For Kids

Sleepover Ideas For Kids

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Are you planning to arrange a sleepover for your kids and their friends? Do you want to do something more entertaining instead of just letting them watch the television? Are you looking for ideas that will make the sleepover memorable for your kids?

If you are looking for any of the above, read on to know some interesting sleepover ideas that your kids are sure to love.

Top Ten Sleepover Ideas For Kids:

Here are ten interesting and fun kids sleepover ideas, that will surely allure kids and their friends:

1. Specially Signed Pillow Cases:

Make the sleepover memorable by letting each child take back a special pillow case from the event.

  • Get a similar pillow case for each kid in a plain color.
  • Ask each kid to write their name on one side of the pillow case and add other decorations using materials you can provide.
  • After they finish decorating it, ask all kids to sign at the back of each pillow case and also add a small message.

2. Nail Polish Spin The Bottle:

The young fashion divas will love this fun twist on the spin the bottle game.

  • Ask all kids to form a circle and sit.
  • Keep a bowl nearby full of nail polish bottles in different shades.
  • Each player needs to spin a nail polish bottle.
  • When the bottle stops spinning, whoever it points at can take that particular shade of nail polish home!

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3. Treasure Hunt:

Let your kids enjoy a fun treasure hunt inside the house.

  • Write down interesting clues on small pieces of paper.
  • Place small gift items around the house.
  • Hand out the list of clues to each player and let them hunt. The player who finds the gifts gets to keep them.

4. Bedtime Story For Everyone:

A sleepover could be a great idea to encourage your kids and their friends to read.

  • Select the number of books as per the number of kids in the sleepover.
  • Write down the name of each book on a chit of paper. Place the chits in a bowl.
  • Ask the kids to take out one chit each.
  • The kids need to pick the book as per their chit and read it at bedtime.

5. Can’t See Makeover:

Let your kids have some fun with makeup, all in good humor.

  • Blindfold one kid and ask another kid to volunteer for a makeover. Allow each kid to get a makeover.
  • Make sure to click lots of pictures and also keep wipes and towels handy to help the kids get clean.

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6. Bedtime Hot Chocolate:

Let each kid help out with making some hot chocolate before bedtime.

  • Give a glass to each kid and let everyone make themselves a hot chocolate drink.
  • They can sip on the same while reading their bedtime book or while sitting together and chatting.

7. Chinese Whispers:

Let your kids enjoy this classic game of communication.

  • Ask all the kids to form a circle and sit.
  • Give a kid a phrase and ask them to whisper it to the next kid until the last kid hears the phrase.
  • Ask the last kid to say the phrase aloud. Kids will have a hearty laugh at the sea change the phrase has undergone.

8. Indoor Camping:

Make kids sleepover fun with some indoor camping.

  • Use bedsheets to make tents in your kid’s room.
  • Switch off the lights and give each kid a torch to carry instead.

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9. Decorate The Cookies:

Let your kids and their friends decorate some cookies and keep it ready for breakfast.

  • Hand a cookie to each kid and a bowl of chocolate sauce.
  • Let each kid decorate the cookie using the sauce.
  • Put the cookies in the fridge and let the kids have them the next morning.

10. Write A Letter:

Let your kids revive this dying art in a fun way.

  • Hand out a pencil and paper to each kid and ask them to write a letter to someone from the group. Make sure every kid is also a recipient.
  • Once the kids finish writing their letters, ask them to hand it out to the right person.

Sleepover for kids is a fun idea during holidays and sometimes during a boring weekend. Let your kids have all the fun with these interesting sleepover ideas for kids.

Do you have any sleepover idea that your kids enjoy? Please share them with us here.

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