6 Amazing Benefits Of Rock Climbing For Your Kid

Rock Climbing

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Are you and your partner interested in rock climbing? Do you want to introduce your kid to this very challenging sport? Or are you looking for some fun ways to keep your kid healthy and fit?

Whatever your reasons for introducing your kid to rock climbing may be, it is indeed a great activity for a young learner. Read on to know all about tips, safety and benefits of rock climbing for kids.

What Are The Types Of Rock Climbing Options For Kids?

Rock climbing will be an extremely challenging experience for your kid. As a beginner, it is better to start your kid with an indoor rock climbing activity.

One of the most common ways to begin the rock climbing activity for your kid is to practice climbing a wall. Let your kid practice on a wall with an easier surface before moving on to more complex surfaces.

  • The climbing wall that your kid practices on can be of different heights and have different levels of difficulty.
  • Your kid can practice on the climbing wall in school, at
    a local kids’ sports club or at a nearby gym that also offers coaching for kids. If you have the space, you can also set up a climbing wall at home.
  • The climbing wall will contain polyurethane climbing holds that your kids can grasp while climbing.
  • You may also find a climbing wall that has a flat surface.
  • Other kinds of climbing walls may have textures that replicate hilly or mountain terrain and give your kid an almost real rock climbing experience.

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Etiquettes For Kids Indoor Rock Climbing:

Before your kid begins rock climbing, it is important to teach him some basic rules and etiquettes:

  • Your kid should be mindful of where other people are climbing. It is important that your kid does not climb right underneath someone as it can cause a potential accident.
  • As your kid heads towards the rock climbing wall, tell him not to run and just walk instead.
  • Educate your kid about the importance of taking turns and letting others move on or finish. Your kid should be patient and wait for other climbers to reach a safe distance before starting or climbing further. It may seem that while other climbers maintain the pace and head to a safer height, your kid may need to reduce speed or pause while climbing.

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What Are The Safety Measures For Kids Who Are Rock Climbing?

Your kid’s safety should be of primary concern when you encourage your kid to try rock climbing. Before your kid begins any rock climbing activity, ensure the following are in place:

  • Make sure your kid always listens to instructions carefully before he starts climbing. It will help your kid be safe and not cause any injury to himself or others.
  • Always ensure there is a padded mat at the bottom of the climbing wall in case of an accidental slip or fall.
  • Wearing the proper safety gear is of utmost importance, especially for your kid. Make sure your kid wears a rock climbing helmet, rock climbing shoes, and attaches the harness correctly. Check that the harness is secure and in place.
  • The rock climbing harness will protect your kid from slipping down or falling. Check that the harness is not too loose and not too tight.
  • A good option could be to get a belaying device and attaching it to the harness to help your kid while he is rappelling.
  • Make sure your kid does not attempt rock climbing without proper supervision, even if he has had enough practice. An adult who is well-versed with rock climbing should be present at all times to help your kid with the same.

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What Are The Benefits Of Rock Climbing For Your Kid?

Kids rock climbing wall has many benefits.

  1. Practicing rock climbing will prove to be a complete workout for your kid. It is a great way to ensure your kid gets enough exercise.
  1. Rock climbing will help to improve your kid’s muscular endurance and flexibility. It will also improve your kid’s overall balance and coordination skills.
  1. As your kid moves from one phase of rock climbing to the next, it will increase his self-confidence.
  1. Being in a rock climbing club or group will let your kid interact with other kids or grownups that have a similar interest. It will help your kid become more social and will teach him how to work in a group.
  1. A rock climbing activity will also teach your kid the importance of practicing safety measures. Your kid will understand the importance of listening to an instructor properly and following his instructions.
  1. Practicing rock climbing will improve your kid’s concentration and focus. It will also help your kid in case he has any learning disabilities, especially autism. Rock climbing will also improve your kid’s sensory and fine motor skills.

Indoor rock climbing for kids may sound like a very difficult activity, but the right trainer and the right group can make a lot of difference. Make sure your kid practices it under proper adult supervision. Also, ensure you first test the safety gear that your kid will wear while climbing the rock or wall, before asking him to try it.

Has your kid tried rock climbing? Share his experience with us.

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