Top 25 Interesting Panchatantra Stories For Kids

top 25 interesting panchatantra stories for your kids

The immemorial stories of Panchtantra might have been written thousands of years ago, but its essence is still relevant and applicable in today’s world. Don’t let your children miss such important nuggets in life and read them some wonderful short Panchtantra stories. These panchatantra stories for children were written in lucid and simple style, and are easily grasped by them!

Our Pick Of The Top 25 Panchatantra:

We all might have heard these tales of panchatantra sometime in life, but it is always refreshing to hear them again and cherish its lessons. Here are our suggestions:

1. The Monkey And The Crocodile:

the monkey and the crocodile

Once there was a clever monkey who resided on a tree situated near a river where a crocodile lived. The clever monkey uses his active mind and escape from the trap laid by the crocodile.

Moral: Presence of mind helps in overcoming difficult situations.

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2. The Doves and The Hunter:

the doves and the hunter

A flock of doves that were in search of fo

od gets caught in a hunter’s net. The birds try hard but in vain. They realize the need for unity, fight against the hunter and wins over.

Moral: Unity is strength.

3. The Talkative Tortoise:

the talkative tortoise

A pair of geese and a tortoise decide to travel to another land because of droughts. Geese decide to fly the tortoise along with them on a condition that he does not talk. But the tortoise did not listen to the advice and got punished.

Moral: Pay heed to friendly advice.

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4. The Donkey Who Sang A Song:

the donkey who sang a song

Once a donkey and a jackal sneak stealthily in a watermelon farm at night and started relishing the fruit. But the donkey became adamant about singing a melodious song. The jackal tries to explain him, but in vain. The donkey gets a stick for his folly.

Moral: Think before you act.

5. Golu, Molu And The Bear:

golu molu and the bear

Golu and Molu were crossing a dense jungle at night and spot a bear. Golu who was thin, quickly climbed a tree leaving his fat friend alone. Although the bear spared him, Molu realized who was the true friend.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

6. The Wolf and The Shepherd:

the wolf and the shepherd

A mischievous boy decided to play a trick with villagers. He shouted for help saying a wolf has come. Villagers gathered, but were duped. But when the wolf really came one day, nobody came to the boy’s rescue.

Moral: People never trust a liar.

7. Revenge Of The Elephant:

revenge of the elephant

An elephant falls for a trick played by a florist. Every day the florist offered him a garland; but that day he pricks him with a needle. The angry elephant takes revenge by throwing dirty water on the florist and his flowers.

Moral: Every action has an opposite reaction, so be careful.

8. The Mice And The Elephant:

the mice and the elephant

A group of mice requests a herd of elephants not to trample them because they could help them sometime in the future. The elephants’ do not believe the mice could ever help them. But, when the elephants are trapped in a net, the weakling mice come to their rescue

Moral: Sometimes the weak can also help the mighty

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9. The Parrot And The King:

Two parrots of same family make pets by different people – one is a King and other a Sage. When a neighboring king visits the king, the royal parrot is rude, while the parrot of the sage is highly humble.

Moral: A man is known by the company he keeps

10. The Wolf And The Crane:

the wolf and the crane

There was a wicked wolf that got a bone stuck in his throat while eating. He pleaded a crane to help him and promised a reward. But once the bone was taken out, he broke his promise.

Moral: Beware of the wicked

11. Who Will Bell The Cat?

who will bell the cat

A group of mice was terrorized by a notorious cat. They call a meeting and hatch a brilliant scheme to tie a bell to the cat so that they can make out when the cat is coming. But who will bell the cat? No one had the answer.

Moral: Planning is easy; execution, not so easy.

12. The Horse And The Lion:

An old horse is ordered by his master to bring him a lion skin. The horse with the help of a good-natured fox traps a lion.

Moral: Mind is mightier than body.

13. The Jackal And The Drum:

the jackal and the drum

A jackal finds a drum in the forest. As it makes noise due to swaying of wind, the jackal assumes some other animal to be inside. A leopard comes and tears the drum; finds nothing. The leopard gets angry and kills the jackal.

Moral: Greed is harmful