25 Fun Ben 10 Toys For Your Kids

 25 fun ben 10 toys for your kids Kids love cartoons and cartoon characters become their friends, teachers and role models. They pick up a lot of habits watching them, get motivated because of them, and try to become a better, more fearless and tougher version of their favorite cartoon characters. You can motivate your kids by introducing them to conscious and responsible characters for a positive influence on their lives.

If your child is bonding with the popular TV series Ben10, here is some related merchandise you can buy and make him feel closer to the character.

Who Is Ben 10?

Ben10 is a young boy. With his Omnitrix, he can turn into a variety of powerful aliens, each with a unique power, to fight the evil around him! Here are suggestions of the top 25 best Ben 10 toys:

1. Omnitrix/Ultimatrix:

No superhero is ever complete without his weapon. The first and foremost step should be buying the latest version of the magic ben 10 toy watch– the Omnitrix – for your little superhero in your life.

2. Chest Badge:

To get the adrenaline rush going, buy your son a chest badge which produces sounds of various aliens. Help him get ready for the battle to save the galaxy, just like Ben!

3. Mini Alien Collection Figures:

Get your son his own army of aliens to defend the galaxy! Buy the latest set of micro figures, available in all popular stores, to make him feel all powerful.

4. Comic Books:

comic books

Let your kid indulge in the sweet habit of reading by getting him the latest Ben10 comics. After all, holidays are all about relaxing (reading!).

5. Activity Books:

activity books

Once familiar with the character, assist your child to retain features of his favorite hero. Get him coloring books, for starters, and activity books having codes, shadow matches, mazes, etc.

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6. Stickers:

To keep your son invested in the character, help him decorate his room with Ben10 stickers. Stick ‘em on to his cupboard, study table, pencil box. You can even paste some ‘Glow in the dark’ ones onto his ceiling to keep him company at night.

7. Stick-On Tattoos:

stick on tattoos

After transforming his room, it’s time to adorn your child with his favorite hero on his wrist, shoulders, hands, legs! Boost his morale by helping him put stick-on tattoos of his preferred alien. Maybe send him to a fancy dress competition dressed like his character of choice!

8. Man Tent:

man tent

Buy a Ben10 tent for your darling. Call his best friend for a sleep over in your backyard (or even out in the woods!) so that they can discuss their dreams and aspirations of saving the world, hovered around by their paladin.

9. Jigsaw Puzzles:

Let your little one unveil the world of adventure through a jigsaw puzzle. Find out how much time he takes to replicate that perfect image on the box!

10. Building Blocks:

building blocks

Every child loves constructing structures with colorful pieces of blocks. Enable your child to explore the depths of his imagination by gifting him a blocks-set to build Ben10’s world.

11. Projection Pens And Projectors:

To give him a real life (rather than reel life!) experience, you can get your lad a projector which casts an image of his desired characters on a wall. This can turn out to be a fun role-play activity for him and his gang of Ben 10’ers.

12. Quick Fire Board Games:

A good way to spend your weekend could be playing interesting board-games. Buy your boy a Ben10 board-game and help him master the art of “point and shoot”. The game will require him and his friends to blast marbles and shoot out all of the opponents’ pieces to win the game.