10 Wonderful Diwali Activities For Your Kids

Celebrate Diwali With These Fun Activities

Diwali is not only a time for celebration, but also for family get-togetherness and activities!

Thanks to early exposure to technology, 21st century kids are extra intelligent than kids of any other era! They are smart and highly informative. Old school methods and ideologies are a kind of cliché for them, and they are constantly looking for more stimulation. They learn by example and day-to-day experiences. Hence, theory is just not enough for these tiny souls with a sea of knowledge.

Top 10 Diwali Activities for Kids:

The Festival of Lights has kids home, away from all academic activities, and that is a good reason to get them involved in related festive fun. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a few kids diwali activities that will bring immense joy during the most festive season in our country – Diwali!

1. Glitterati:


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Diyas and candles are popular house adornments during Diwali. Get some sparkle glue, wax and wicks for your kids and help them make candles.

Just pour melted, colored wax into a diya – make sure you wear gloves or similar safety measures, so that you do not get hot wax on your or your child’s skin! Once the wax solidifies, remove it from case and decorate it with sparkle glue.

2. Story Telling:


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If you live in an apartment complex or a township, then you can explore the idea of writing and/or directing a play/musical. Narrating the story of Lord Rama’s win over evil and his triumphant return to his people in Ayodhya, can be a good story to play. Let the kids showcase their talent during the Diwali celebrations and get over their ‘stage-fright’ (in case they have any!)

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3. Master Chef:

If your kid is fond of cooking, this wouldn’t be a bad time to introduce your child to the culinary art! Teach your child some special Diwali-special meals like kheer, sheera, gujiya, mathri, etc. Diwali is, after all, a grand reason for cooking all kinds of delicacies one’s culture is famous for, whichever part of world it may be.

4. Chromagic:


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The tradition of Rangoli is famous in India. This is one diwali activity for kids that will allure them especially girls. A few packets of colored powder and few great designs from the internet are enough to keep your kids occupied during the holidays. You never know, your house might just end up having the most mesmerizing Rangoli on the eve of Diwali!

5. Priceless Messages:


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Get some paper and paints for your kids (and may be some inspiration in the form of downloaded pictures) and help them make Diwali greeting cards for all your close friends and family. Imagine the smile on your relatives’ face when they see a pretty little card sitting on top of their gift basket.

6. Origami:


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Who said Japanese art cannot make an appearance in an Indian festival? Make your kids feel closer to the festival by decorating your house with items made by them. Cut, fold, string colorful papers together to make beautiful lanterns, flowers, artificial flower garlands, etc.

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7. Go Green:

Go Green

If you want your kids to be conscious of the harmful effects of crackers on Diwali, help them make a project on the same. If possible, visit a cracker factory nearby and understand your kids’ take on a Green Diwali. After all, it’s a matter of choice!

8. Deck Yourself Up!

Deck Yourself Up

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Dry fruits are available in abundance during this season. Help your girls make jewelry for you with pasta covers – a good lesson on best out of waste! Take paints, glitter, sequins and thread to treat yourself to fabulous bracelets, rings, necklaces and anklets.

9. Writers’ Quest:

Writers Test

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If your kid loves to write, help him write an essay/poem to gauge how well he has understood the concept of Diwali. To boost his confidence, post this writing on your blog or Facebook page and make him feel that sense of achievement!

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10. Quiz Time:


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Keeping the idea of “the more the merrier” in mind, indulge your kids in a friendly quiz with their peers to see how much they have learnt about the most exciting and awaited festival in India.

You might think it’s too early to start this project, but on tweaking the above Diwali activities ideas, you’ll realize that they are of a multipurpose value! Have fun and we wish you an awesome festive time with friends and family.

Have some more interesting diwali activities for kids, please do share with us.

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