7 Great Wild Animal Craft Activities For Kids


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Its summer time and your kid will probably be at home, lazing around, watching TV or playing a video game. Well, we don’t need to explain how too much screen time can be bad for your kid.

7 Amazing Wild Animal Crafts For Kids:

Every child needs to learn to engage in some creative extracurricular activities, especially during summer vacations. Here we bring you some of the best activity ideas for preparing wild animals crafts for kids.

1. Book Labels:


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Here’s a good way to improve your kid’s drawing skills. Now that school’s coming up soon, you can ask him to prepare his own book labels that feature wild animals. Take inspirations from the pictures available on the Internet, and help him cut out pieces of white card paper which he’ll be using as book labels. Allow him to draw some wild animals using felt tip pens, leaving space for the name and the subject.

2. Origami:


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Origami is a challenging craft for kids.

It doesn’t just keep them busy, but also shapes their creativity and helps them learn more. Use animal patterned papers and pick up some simple instructions online to create some easy origami animals with your kid. You can find several instructions.

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3. Finger Puppets:

Finger Puppets

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If your kid is old enough to start learning stitching, here’s the best thing to keep him busy. Ask him to cut out pieces of felt using the measurements of his finger, and create some cute finger puppets. You may need to help him out in some tasks, but the end result will be totally worth it. Make sure you have a lot of material on hand- this way you can think of interesting combinations to make it more playful.

4. Clay Animals

Clay Animals

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Clay is another smart trick to keep your kid busy for some time. Use safer, organic versions of clay to ensure it doesn’t harm your kid if he does forget to wash his hands before his meals. Ask him to create clay wild animals using inspiration from story books and the internet. Clay molding is thought to improve motor development in kids.

5. Popsicle Bookmarks:

Popsicle Bookmarks

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Introduce your kid to the best from waste ideology, and make use of old Popsicle sticks to make cool bookmarks. Help your kids cut out cute and attractive animal heads from colored papers and decorate them using some paints or crayons. Now paste this animal head on the front of a Popsicle stick and let it dry. This can now be used as a bookmark.

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6. Hanging Decorations:

Hanging Decoration

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Be it Christmas or any other occasion, you can always get your kid to whip up some simple paper decorations that feature wild animals. Browse through the internet for simple animal drawings and ask your kid to follow it or help him make it. Cut it on sheets of colored paper and decorate using sequins and other materials. Punch a hole at the top center of the decoration and pass a ribbon through it, and its ready!

7. Paper Cup Animals:

Paper Cup Animal

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This idea will ensure that your kid understands – nothing beats the rush of creating something out of your own hands! Make use of old paper cups to keep your kid busy. Collect a few; ask your kid to create wild animals using colored paper, and wrap them around a simple paper cup and decorate it. This idea works well in cases of parties and other get-togethers among kids.

The above super easy wild animal crafts for kids will keep him away from the TV and will also shape his creativity and boost his confidence. Make sure you also participate with him for some quality mother-child time.

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