Top 10 Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids


Kids love noise and they always end up finding new ways to create a ruckus at home! As a parent, this may sometimes make you irritated, but nonetheless, you should let them create as much sound and noise as they can. A great way to encourage your child to do so is to let them use musical instruments.

You can create your own musical band with items that can be found around the house or bought in stores. This is a great way to encourage a love for music and hone your little ones’ imagination and creativity. Crafting homemade musical instruments with your little darling is also a fun way to spend time and do something creative and special together!

Top 10 Ideas for Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids:

There are plenty of ways to create musical instruments using little knick-knacks that you do not have any use for. You will be surprised at some of the things that you can use to create fun instruments with your little one.
Here are the top 10 homemade musical instrument crafts for kids to make:

1. Maracas Crafted Out Of Old Plastic Easter Eggs:

 Maracas Crafted Out Of Old Plastic Easter Eggs

Many of us often keep plastic eggs from last Easter and do not know what to do with them. Well, here is the perfect way to reuse them!

  • All you and your kid need to do is collect pebbles from your garden.
  • Put them inside the eggs.
  • Get some tape to make sure that the eggs do not open while you are shaking them.
  • You can redecorate the eggs if your kids want to add their own special touch to their new maracas!

2. Drums Crafted Out Of Empty Containers:

Do you have old potato chips or oatmeal cylinder containers? If yes, your kid will love a crafts project turning the containers into drums!

  • He can cover the cylinder with a construction paper and decorate it as he likes.
  • The next step is to make the skin of the drum.
  • Encourage him to experiment with different types of materials to create diverse sounds -aluminum foil, fabric and paper can be used.
  • Get him two pencils and shoot him with your camera, while he bangs away on his new drums!

3. Chimes Crafted Out Of Metal Washers:

 Chimes Crafted Out Of Metal Washers

Get metal washes of different sizes, a ruler and some yarn, preferably of eye-catching colors.

  • Cut lengths of the yarn and tie them to the ruler, keeping space in between.
  • You can make them more secure by taping them to the ruler.
  • The next step is to tie the washers to the end of yarns and make sweet music!

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4. Guitar Crafted Out Of An Old Shoebox:


Via Pinterest

This is a simple one as all you need is an old shoebox, glue and rubber bands.

  • The first step is to cut a hole on the shoebox’s lid.
  • Glue the lid in place to the box.
  • Once it is dry, take the rubber bands and stretch them across the box.
  • Your little one can now play the guitar by strumming the bands that are across the hole.