10 Team Building Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer


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Do you find your kid not interactive to other children? Do not worry; you are not alone in thinking this. The lifestyle in today’s world is responsible in not letting children gel together easily. You, being a parent, can break this monotonous situation and add sparkle to your child’s life. How? Of course by including various activities!
Team building activities for children play an essential role in your child’s life by teaching how to co-ordinate with other players. These activities also help your child to bond with other children well and build trust.

10 Team Building Activities For Kids:

Here are some of the best team building activities that will make your child have some fun while bonding with friends.

1. Pass The Parcel:

This is one of the popular games that are played in almost all the birthday parties of kids, which can be played both indoors and outdoors. The rule is simple. Everyone has to sit in a circle and pass the parcel which can be anything such as a bal

l or a pillow, while the music is played. Once the music stops the person holding the parcel is out of the game and has to pay the penalty. A penalty can be anything from singing to a song, dancing or reciting a poem or anything crazy thing (make sure kids don’t do anything harmful). The procedure repeats until one wins, whom you can treat with a small gift.

2. Human Knot:


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The aim of this game is to improve the problem solving skills and help to communicate with each other. This game requires at-least 6-8 people to start off. Arrange all group members in a circle, facing inward and standing shoulder to shoulder. Next, ask everyone to reach their left hand towards the center and grab someone else hand, then lift the right hand and reach across to grab the hand of another person standing across the circle. Make sure you don’t grab the hand of the person standing beside you. Now the pile of laughs begins! Let the kids free themselves from the twisted state and end up in a perfect circle again. You can impose a time limit to make the game challenging.

3. Treasure Hunt:


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Treasure hunt is an interactive and inexpensive game for kids of all ages. You need to hide small treasures of your choice like chocolates, balloons, small gifts, etc. all around the place where you are planning this game to be either indoors or outdoors. Make sure you do this before all the children arrive, as you wouldn’t like them to see where you hide the treasures! You can provide them with small clues to ease the game. Ultimately, reward the little ones for their efforts.

4. Egg Drop:


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Egg drop is an excellent team building activity for kids where three to four teams are formed and given a raw egg each. Each of the team has to make a structure with the given materials in a limited time that will prevent the raw egg from falling down. The team that finishes first is the winner of the game. Instead of real eggs you can use dummy ones as well, as this can save you from cleaning.