How To Make A Paper Doll Chain With Your Kid?

Paper Doll Chain

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Are you planning to decorate your home for a kiddie party? Is your kid getting bored sitting idle at home during vacation? Are you looking for an interesting activity for your kid that will not be too messy but will still look beautiful? How to make paper doll can be a good idea for him. There are a myriad ways on how to make a doll with paper.

A wonderful way to decorate your home and also involve your kids in some craft fun is to make a paper doll chain. You can use these to deck up a party, or just decorate your kid’s room.

How To Make Paper Doll Chain:

Making a paper doll chain is extremely easy, and almost all age groups of kids can participate in the same. Make sure that if you have young kids, you allow them to use scissors only under your supervision. Here are a few ideas on how to make paper doll chains:

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure you collect all materials and keep them in one place. Here are some of the basic items you will need:

You Will Need:

  • Lightweight craft paper or computer paper or construction paper
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • Pencil
  • Colored pens
  • Decorative items
  • Glue or cord or sticking tape
  • A ruler to help with the measurements

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Step By Step Instructions:

Here are the step by step instructions on how to make paper doll chain:

1. Cut Out The Paper Strips:

  • Start by cutting out the lightweight craft paper into paper strips. Make sure the strips are about 4 ½ by 12 inch in size. You can use a ruler to help you with the measurements.
  • If you are using computer paper, make sure to cut the sheets lengthwise in half. The measurements for these paper strips should ideally be about 4 ½ by 11 inch.
  • If you want to use construction paper, you will have to keep the strips shorter as it will help to reduce the bulk once you do the folding. Try and cut out the strips with a measurement of 4 ½ by 6 inches. Fold them up in four equal sections. You can later use them to make a smaller number of dolls that you can glue or tape up together.

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2. Fold The Paper Strips:

  • For the next step, you have to fold your paper strips into eight equal sections. You have to make these sections according to pleats.
  • Take the strip and fold it into half. Make sure that you match the edges and the crease you make is sharp.Now fold one of the edges backwards. It should meet the fold that you just made. Crease it. Now turn over the paper and repeat the same step using the other edge. Doing these steps will give you four equal sections. Keep folding so as to get eight equal sections.
  • Fold back the top layer so that it meets the fold in the center. Turn it over and repeat the same steps.Now open the center fold as you would open a book. You will find three layers on both the sides and they will have a single layer right at the center. Fold one side out of the three layers inwards to meet at the center fold. Repeat the same step with the other side. Now fold the center fold backwards so that it completes the accordion styled folds.

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3. Drawing The Doll:

  • Place the cut edge of the folded strip towards the right side.
  • Now draw half of a doll using the pencil. Make sure to draw the doll along the left edge, which is the folded edge.
  • The arms have to extend towards the cut edge.

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4. Cut Out The Dolls:

  • Firmly hold the folded strip and carefully cut along the outline of the doll. Make sure you do not cut along the folds.
  • Now unfold the paper strip. You will have a chain of dolls.
  • Decorate the same using colored pens and any other decorative items you wish to use.
  • You can glue them to your furniture, hang them on a cord or tape them up.

Once you practice making the paper dolls, you can try and experiment with other paper chains like angels, people and so on. Follow these steps and you learn how to make paper chain dolls.

Paper Dolls In A Circular Fold:

How to make a paper doll chain in circular style.You can also try out this different paper doll style by following the steps mentioned below:

You Will Need:

  • A sheet of paper
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • A plate to use as rim
  • Pencil
  • Colored pens and other decorative material

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Step By Step Instructions:

  • Use the sheet of paper to cut out a large circle of paper.You can use the rim of the plate to help draw out the circle before you cut it out.
  • Once you have your perfect circle, fold it three times in half. The first fold will be half, the second will be quarter and the third fold will give you eights. In the end, you will get a pie shaped piece after the folds are done.
  • Use the pencil to make two half figures on the top part of the paper. If you wish to make a girl and boy, you can draw half of a girl and half of a boy holding hands. The heads should be pointing towards the center tip of the circle. Make the feet pointing out towards the perimeter.
  • Now cut out the figures and open up the circle. You will have eight figures which are holding hands to make a complete circle.
  • The left over piece that you will get after cutting out the circle will be in the form of a beautiful star shape. You can decorate it too to use in some other craft or to put it up in your kids’ room.
  • Decorate your figures using colored pens and other decorative materials. Make the eyes, ears, nose and mouth and add some special touches to the hair. You can also try and make dresses or features of different cultures and countries.

Try out the steps mentioned here to make your own variation of paper doll chains. Do let us.

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