5 Fun Ways To Motivate Your Child In Sports

Motivate Your Child In Sports

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Do you have kids who need constant motivation to pursue sports? Does it take a lot of effort on your part to ensure your kids sustain their interest in playing a sport they chose? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

As parents, you may be keeping a close watch on your kid’s academic progress. But do you also give due importance to excellence in sports too? The article here gives you 5 handy tips how to motivate your child in sports and pursue it passionately too! Want to know more on how to motivate kids in sports? Read on!

1. Let Them Select The Sport:

When your kids are playing the sport of their choice, they are likely to stick to it for life. When introducing your kids to a sport, it is helpful to keep in mind the right reasons for learning it and then telling the same to your kids. Sports help kids learn several life skills such as co-operation, teamwork, tackling problems, etc. So, a good idea would be to not force them

into a sport of your liking but to let them go ahead and choose their favorite sport.

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2. Make It Fun:

The fact is most parents take the fun out of the leisure activities of their kids. Everyone plays to win, but losing is not the end of the world. Be the encouraging parent your kids want you to be and leave the competitive spirit for their coaches to inculcate. Another helpful thing may be to play the sport with your kids now and then. Parental involvement in a fun way takes the edge off any stressful situation.

3. Evaluate Their Lack Of Interest:

Before you nag your reluctant kid to play day after day, assess the situation from all angles. There must be a valid reason for your kid to want to stop playing a sport. It could be the attitude of the coach, bullying in the field or perhaps lack of proper training facilities. Boredom is as valid a reason as the others. Parents may do their kids a load of good if they take their boredom seriously rather than label them moody. If you identify and handle the problem tactfully, your kids may begin to show interest in the sports again.

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4. Change May Be The Answer:

Change may be in the form of changing their training facilities, coach or in some cases the sport itself. As kids grow, their interest may change too. Even if they chose their sport, they might want to play another one some months down the line. A few years into pursuing a sport may mean they are likely to stick to it.

5. Let It Go:

At times, allowing your kid to quit playing a game may be the right thing to do for the parents. Forcing kids to play a sport when their hearts may not be into it is futile. If such a situation arises, then the best thing for parents to do would be to support the kids and not make them feel like escapists. With the right parental attitude and support, your kid might take up a sport in the future again.

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Remember, you are the role model for your kids. Therefore, lead them by example if you give due importance to playing a sport and physical fitness your kids are likely to emulate you.

Hope you liked our post on how to motivate your child in sports. What methods do you employ for motivating kids in sports? We would love to hear your ideas.

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