Top 10 Interesting Hanukkah Crafts & Activities For Your Kids


The Hanukkah celebrations are marked with lots of decorations. There is a lot to design and develop to create the best of the Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication.

It’s even more fun with children, as together you can create beautiful decorations. This will be a great way to educate them about the culture and also engage them in some interesting activities.

What Is Hanukkah Festival?

Hanukkah is a lesser known Jewish festival. It starts from the 25th day of Kislev (in December) and goes on for eight days. The festival commemorates the rededication of the temple in 165 BC by the Maccabees after its ruin by Syrians. Eight lights are successively kindled to mark the same.

Top 10 Hanukkah Crafts And Activities For Kids:

Here is a list of the easiest and the best Hanukkah craft ideas for kids that will help teach your little one all about the traditions of Hanukkah:

1. Hanukkah Menorah:

hanukkah menorah

Via Pinterest

Hanukkah Menorah holds the nine candles of Hanukkah and is rather easy to m


  • Take an empty toilet paper tube and wrap it with white wrapping paper.
  • Also, repeat the same with another tube.
  • Now, insert the candle into one tube and glue colorful sequins onto it.
  • Use cupcake cups to immerse at the bottom and band it with a rubber band.
  • Take a long box and wrap it with colorful wrapping paper.
  • Glue the adorned candle onto the box and fit the other eight candles around it.
  • Cut glossing papers of reddish, orange-ish and yellow colors to fit on top of the candles as the flame.
  • Congratulations! Your Hanukah Menorah is ready!

2. Hanukkah Tree:

hanukkah tree

A beautiful Hanukkah tree can add wonder to the festival of lights.

  • Take old branches and fit as many twigs on it as you want.
  • Wrap them with golden colored paper or use spray paint.
  • Add glitzy sequins, painted shiny foil and ornamental Dreidels.
  • Hang as many golden covered little boxes you can on your glamorous Hanukkah Tree.
  • Also, cut out the Felt ornamental shapes and let your little one sprinkle his/her artistic talents around it with pom-poms, sequins or glitters.

3. Star Of David:

star of david

Via Pinterest

You can make as many as you want, with the following simple steps.

  • Glue three Popsicle sticks into triangular shapes.
  • Make another set.
  • Glue them both like a star.
  • Now, glitter them up with sequins, color sprinklers or paint
  • Hang them up with satin ribbons.

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4. Sparkling Snow-Flakes:

sparkling snow flake

Via Pinterest

White snowflakes indeed look serene, how about adding a little sparkle to them?

  • Take two pipe cleaners and split them in half.
  • Take another color pipe cleaner, and twist it around the center.
  • Take another set and curl them to poke as many legs as possible for your snowflakes.
  • Curl them around in such a way that they poke their legs into two directions.
  • Use different colored pipe cleaners to make attractive snowflakes.
  • Push colorful beads on each leg to make them more attractive.

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5. Hanukkah Sparkling Card:

hanukkah sparkling card

Via Pinterest

Creative handmade cars are a best option to offer near and dear ones. If that is made by your darling, it adds to the charm!

  • Use a sheet of aluminum or metallic paper (make sure that either is super glossy)
  • Stick them up on a stiff cardboard.
  • Decorate them with Felt ribbons adorned with glitters and sequins to produce different sets of sparkly, amazing Hanukkah cards.