10 Amazing Fall Craft Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy This Holiday Season

10 amazing fall craft ideas

It’s not always easy to handle a restless, naughty kid. Is it? Don’t worry, the best way to make your kid stay back indoors during Fall and have some fun is to introduce some wonderful craft ideas.

Check out our compiled list of super easy fall crafts for kids that will keep him busy and away from the TV for a good while. These crafts will also enhance your kid’s creativity and boost his motor skills.

Top 10 Amazing Fall Craft Ideas For Kids:

Keep your kid busy with these amazing fall craft ideas! They add lots of fun and they are child friendly as well. Here are cool craft ideas for your kids to try at home this fall:

1. Jar Lamp:

jar lamp

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It is surprising to note that those old autumn leaves can actually be put to use! Here is how you can help your kid to make it:

  • Get your kid to gather some clean leaves and prepare a cool lamp for his room.
  • Simply spread out some clear glue all over the inside of a clear glass jar.
  • Now ask your kid to stick the old autumn leaves well, s
    uch that they cover the entire jar.
  • Now, after it dries up, apply another coat of clear glue to make sure the leaves stay in place.
  • Once the leaves are on their place, you can place a candle or a bulb inside to make it a cool lamp.

2. Wall Decors:

wall decors

Children are even better than adults when it comes to observing.

  • Ask your kid to take inspiration from some part of the nature, and use it to create cool wall decors for his/her room.
  • Help your kid in collecting cardboard pieces, old buttons and card papers to give the room a ‘fall’ look.

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3. Book Art:

book art

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Here is another trick to put those old leaves to use.

  • Simply place a single leaf over the cover of a book.
  • Now ask your kid to spray paint over the area by dipping an old toothbrush in some paint.
  • Also, help your kid in moving the fingers over the bristles to spray paint over the area.
  • Now gently remove the leaf from the area- viola! A cool ‘fall’ style book cover is ready!

4. Nature Painting:

nature painting

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You don’t always require a paintbrush to paint- that’s what you’ve got to get your kid to understand.

  • Ask your kid to use different materials that are found in the nature (pebbles and stones, leaves and pine cones, and use them to paint over a particular area.
  • You could also ask your kid to create own book cover using this technique.

5. Paper Streamers:

paper streamers

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For any ‘fall’ occasion, you can ask your kid to create his own paper streamers.

  • Pick up card papers in fall colors
  • Ask your kid to use old leaves and other materials as a template to create different card paper objects.
  • Help your kid string them together to create paper streamers.

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6. Jewel Art:

jewel art

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Your darling can enjoy a glitter fall craft by applying this idea.

  • Pick up some artificial jewels from a craft store that have holes on both the sides.
  • Ask your kid to pass them through a wire carefully.
  • Combine many such beaded wires together to create a simple jeweled tree as a decor.

7. Halloween Foods:

halloween foods

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If it is Halloween coming up, getting your kid involved in creating some spooky foods is a good idea.

  • Allow your kid’s imagination to run wild and use some decors to give the foods a spooky twist.
  • They can be a sweet treats with spectacular looks.
  • This is a great way to introduce your kid to some cooking as well.

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8. Paper Quilling:

paper quilling

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If your kid is old enough to cut out pieces of paper himself, you could try introducing him to the art of paper quilling.

  • Explain your kid to roll up some strips of colored paper into different shapes.
  • Now help him or her arrange them to create an object or a design.
  • You can motivate him to create his own journal cover with a paper quilling design.

9. Pine Cone Trees:

pine cone trees

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If you manage to get your hands on some pine cones, this nifty little craft will work great.

  • Hand over some pine cones and a box of paints to your kid.
  • Allow your kid to color the pine cones such that they look like trees.
  • You can also get him some extra sequins and decorative items to use.

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10. Fall T-Shirts:

fall t shirts

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If you’ve got some extra fabric pieces and sewing machine at home, there could be nothing better than getting your child involved in creating his or her own T-shirt project.

  • Pick up a plain t-shirt that fits your kid, and look up some good fall-inspired t-shirt ideas on the internet.
  • Once you’ve decided on a particular idea, involve your kid into cutting the fabric, laying them out for sewing, and some other finishing touches while you do the sewing part.

These simple kids fall craft ideas use minimal materials but do not fail to keep your kid engrossed in productive activities.

So, are you going to involve your child in these activities? Don’t forget to share your experiences and ideas with us.

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