10 Super-Spooky Ghost Stories For Your Kids

 10 super spooky ghost stories for your kids

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“I like to tell people I have the heart of a small boy, then I tell them it’s in a jar on my desk” ― Robert Bloch.

In fiction, horror genre has always manages to grab special mention from time immemorial. From the witchcraft to jinns, it never seems to run out of creativity. To keep that essence intact among your kids, you can always read to them a ghost story. To help you on that, here is our pick.

Our List Of Short Scary Ghost Stories For Kids!

Here is a list of ten best ghost stories your child must read.These stories are not gory or violent. They reflect cuteness and humor that would make your kid laugh!

1. The Ghosts Of Cougar Island by Peggy Paris:

The story is about three kids, Liza, Bill and Jed who are set to leave for their grandparents’ home situated in a Pirate island. They are about to return to their homes because their summer vacation is almost over.

  • During their stay in the island, the kids experience certain unnatural events and hear a couple of tal
    es that suggest the island is haunted.
  • The interesting part of the story begins where these three characters try to solve the mystery.
  • After their exploration, they make the most amazing discovery. Pick a copy to find out how!

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2. Witch Catcher by Mary Downing Hahn:

This story is about a twelve year old girl, Jen who is delighted when her father inherits a castle-like estate in the mountains of West Virginia.

  • Unhappy with her father’s new girlfriend Moura, Jen starts to suspect unusual traits about Moura.
  • You will get a big scoop of haunted mansion horror with a topping of witch catchers.
  • If your child loved witches, they would love this story!

3. The Ghost Wore Gray by Bruce Coville:

Nina Tanleven is a sixth-grade student who convinces her architect father to bring along her best friend Chris, when they were heading to an old inn which he was restoring.

  • At the inn, Nina finds a faded Civil War photograph of a very fine-looking Confederate soldier.
  • And when at the dinner table that night the ghost of the young soldier suddenly appears, they realize that it’s the same ghost who they’ve heard haunts the place.
  • There is a lot more to this story, read it to find out about the conversation between the ghost and the kids. Beware of good looks, kids!

4. A Ghost In The House by Betty Ren Wright:

Moving to her great-aunt’s big old house, Sarah Prescott thinks that her life is finally perfect. This time she even gets to have her own beautiful bedroom.

  • Sarah’s happiness doesn’t last for long. She feels something uneasy the moment her aunt returns from her nursing duty.
  • Sounds of unexplainable heavy footsteps and doors slamming at random are just the beginning. But toSarah’s surprise, her aunt is equally terrified.
  • This short ghost story for kids is rare combination of a fear-provoking ghost story and a touching relationship between a young girl and an old woman.

5. Picture The Dead by Adele Griffin:

The protagonist of this story, Jennie Lovell, has a past. ‘Love’ and ‘loss’ are the two colours that paint her life.

  • After battling with life by living as an orphan and losing her lover in a battlefield, she is left all alone.
  • Gradually she tries to recollect herself. But even now she cannot.
  • A very mysterious figure, a ghost from here past, haunts her. Read the book to know more!

6. The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn:

Diana and her brother Georgie, live in the woods right behind the old Willis place. It was a crumbling Victorian type manor. It has been in the same condition for a very long time.

  • The kids are forbidden to leave the property. One day, new caretaker with his young daughter, Lissa, comes to live there.
  • Diana is tempted to break the rules; they’ve been abiding by and reveal her identity so she can make a friend.
  • Diana tried to enlist Lissa’s help if she and her little brother hope to release them from the old Willis place. Does she succeed?

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7. The Pike River Phantom by Betty Ren Wright:

When Charlie, the protagonist of the story, approaches an aged residence to sell toffee, an elderly female answers the door.

  • She tells him she is the real Sunbonnet Queen, which was the same title that his sister Rachel wanted to win!
  • Charlie is unaware, but he made acquaintance with a vengeful ghost who will stop at nothing to take his sister’s place.
  • This is a phantom story that is both riveting and delightful to read.

8. The Ghost Comes Calling by Betty Ren Wright:

Chad is a little kid who is very happy when he gets to know that his father bought a log cabin on a lake.

  • For Chad, all his upcoming weeks are going to be perfect. He plans so many things to do at the cabin.
  • The twist in the story comes in when Chad discovers that the previous dead owner of the log cabin is still hanging around!
  • Chad and his buddy Jeannie plot to relieve the wounded feelings of an angry ghost so they can enjoy the cabin in peace.

9. My Sister The Ghost by Linda Joy Singleton:

There is nothing that does not scare Miranda. Spiders, germs, bullies, shadows and especially ghosts. But then one day she finds out that Melody, her own twin sister, is a ghost!

  • As she enjoys helping Melody with an earth homework assignment, she realized Melody is matchmaking her own mother to Heather Drew.
  • She comes up with a plan to stop her sister from completing her actions, but will she be able to compete with a ghost?

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10. The Ghost Next Door by Wylly Folk St. John:

Sherry Alston does not know about her dead half-sister Miranda. When Sherry comes to pay a visit to her AuntJudith, odd things start to happen, which no one in the house could explain!

  • Suddenly so many questions need answers. Sherry sees an elusive stranger in the garden, who was she?
  • Is the stranger an imaginary friend? Or is she the ghost of Miranda who had drowned in the pond many years ago?
  • Grab a copy of the book, to know how the mystery that unfolds!

Especially for children, spooky ghost tales are a way to maintain thrill and deal with real life fears like being scared of dark or silence. So gift one or many of the choices in the above list, and let your kid spend a spooky evening by the fire!

Don’t forget to share your ideas for short ghost stories for kids.

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