3 Fun Filled Teaching Activities For Your Autistic Child

Filled Teaching Activities

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Every child loves to be involved in some kind of activities, and kids with autism are no exception! If your child has been diagnosed with autism, there are various activities that you can use as a tool to help your child. These will help him or her to mingle well in a social circle.

Fun Filled Activities For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder:

As a parent, you can find many activities that have the ability to enhance the social skills of your darling. These also help strengthen the bond between your child and the people he or she interacts with. With a little effort from your side, you can create engaging and fun filled activities.

1. For Kids Aged Up To Three Years:

Most often kids who are within 3 years of age are diagnosed for moderate to severe levels of autism.

If your kid has very mild symptoms of autism and is aged 3 years or less, you can start these activities to work with your child towards the spectrum.

a. Finding Toys:

This activity would improve the s

ensory issues in your child with the different textures he feel through touching the toys. Fill up a big plastic tub with sensory beads or beans and hide small toys inside the box. Then ask your child to put his or hand in the box and pull out a toy of his or her choice after feeling each one.

b. Finger Painting:

Though a bit messy, this activity is ideal for your child as it helps in learning a lot about colors. It offers an opportunity to unravel different textures by touching. This activity can lower the issues of sensory sensitivity and will help make your child cheerful.

c. Song Time:

If your autistic child is non-verbal, he would have a gift such as humming, making sounds or playing various instruments like drums, keyboards or piano. Repeat a song with your child, create a new tone or learn a lyric as it can offer the much required sensory simulation.

2. For Autistic Preschoolers And Kindergartners:

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During these two stages, your child will get an exposure to a new routine, environment and peers. This challenging time needs activities that are intensive and focused on therapy.

The following activities will aid you nurture your child in this stage:

  • Playing ‘pretend’ games like an animal or a cartoon character.
  • Use a doll house and let your child dress up dolls, brush their hair or give them a bath.
  • Use block to build something.
  • Use a toy kitchen to prepare and serve food.
  • Play board games.
  • Play in a toy tunnel, by crawling in with a toy.
  • Use an interactive book and let your child turn pages.
  • Sort colors by asking your child to put crayons of the same color in separate baskets.
  • Offer a ball and let your child toss it correctly in a basket.
  • Dance to your child’s favorite songs and ask him to imitate your actions.
  • Cut big squares out of bubble wrap, sponge, wax paper and aluminum foil and let the child walk on it to improve gross motor skills.

3. Activities For Autistic Teenagers:

During the teenage stage, your child would struggle with his or her social skills, planning everyday activities, communication, etc. You can try the following social or sequencing activities to help him enhance his skills:

  • Blindfold your teen and ask you to offer him the right direction to reach a place correctly.
  • Have a quiz session after playing a scene from a movie. This would help you to realize how much he or she is able to interact.
  • Use colors to prioritize various tasks and follow the color codes for planning.
  • Ask your teen to narrate what he or she understood after reading a page from his or her favorite book.

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No matter what activities or ideas you have in mind, the main challenge lies in choosing right activity for children with autism & engaging them in it. Encourage his or her performance in every activity as these autism activities would help your kid connect and communicate with others in a better way!

As a parent, it can become a strenuous part of everyday life. Keeping the communication open with your partner, loving your child unconditionally and being proud of him or her, are some ways that will help both you and your child make the best of the situation.

We would like to know if you know more activities for children with autism, please do share them with us.

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