10 Best Jaguar Coloring Pages For Little Ones

American JaguarBaby JaguarFemale JaguarJ For JaguarJaguar On The TreetopJaguar With Her CubJaguarA Mighty JaguarA Roaring JaguarThe Simple Jaguar

Do you want to take your child on an adventure safari? Or does your child take an interest in wild animals, especially wild cats? Whatever may be the reason, if you’ve nodded along, then you could introduce your child to our Jaguar coloring pages!
Jaguars are wild cats that live in the South American rainforests, deserts, and shrubby areas. They are solitary felines. They live in dens in their caves. Jaguars are endangered species now, primarily because of over-hunting by humans and loss of habitat. Below is a list of 10 Jaguar coloring sheets for you to print.

1. Jaguar:

Here is a coloring sheet of a jaguar sitting on a tree branch. The page comes with coloring instructions. It says that children can use reddish yellow, black and white for this Jaguar. And for the background, tell your child to use lighter colors like light yellow and light green. It will make the Jaguar stand out.

2. Baby Jaguar:

This is one of the cute baby jaguar coloring pages. The Baby Jaguar you see here is from the cartoon ser

ies “Go Diego Go”. Baby Jaguar is very close to Diego. He assists him on his adventures. Just like Diego, the Baby Jaguar is also an adventurer, but his lack of physical strength lands him in precarious situations. We would suggest you to use multicolor for this cute and adorable jaguar.

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3. J For Jaguar:

Do you have a tiny tot at home? Then here is a J for Jaguar coloring sheet for him. Tell your child to trace the letter J before he begins coloring. Then show him a picture of a jaguar and tell him to use it as an inspiration.

4. A Simple Jaguar:

Here is a simple jaguar coloring sheet for your preschooler. The spots are also large, so younger children can easily fill colors in it. You can tell your child to add a few animals like snakes, monkeys and deer near the jaguar. After coloring, talk about jaguars and point out the animals that it likes to eat.

5. Female Jaguar:

Here is a cute female jaguar for your tot to color. You can ask your child to color this Jaguar all black. Black Jaguars suffer from a genetic mutation. The mutation causes the fur and skin to contain large amounts of dark pigment. You will find black jaguars in rainforests as it helps them blend into the dark shadows of the trees. Make sure your child uses yellow for its eyes.

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6. American Jaguar:

The American Jaguars are the largest cats in America. Their orange or yellow coats have dark spots. The length of American Jaguars ranges from four to six feet. But their tales are shorter as compared to other large cats. Their jaws are also stronger than any other species of cat.

7. Jaguar On The Treetop:

What is this jaguar doing on the treetop? We think that it is waiting to attack these deer. And it looks hungry too. Now only God can save these deer. The coloring sheet is perfect for children aged 12 and above.

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8. A Mighty Jaguar:

Here is one of the best Jaguar colouring pages featuring mighty jaguar wandering in the forest. Jaguars are members of the big cat club of tigers, leopards, and lions. Tell your child to color the page and make a story about its home.

9. A Roaring Jaguar:

Here’s another detailed image of a roaring jaguar. The backdrop of the picture is just fantastic. We think that this Jaguar belongs to Canada. What do you think? Fact-Jaguars can see hundred times better than humans can at night because of a layer of tissue at the back of the eyes.

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10. Jaguar With Her Cub:

Here is a diagram of a jaguar with her cub. Did you know that baby jaguars are born with their eyelids shut? They can see only after two weeks of birth. Mama jaguar teaches her cubs to the hunt after six months of their birth and after their second birthday, she leaves her cubs.

You can use these free coloring pages of Jaguars printable for your child’s curriculum projects or just as a fun activity. Tell us which your child’s most favorite wild cat is by commenting below.

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