Top 10 Hotel Transylvania Coloring Pages For Toddlers


Is your child bored of the regular animals, flowers and cartoon coloring sheets? Are you looking for some offbeat coloring images for your adventurous child? Then you must try our Hotel Transylvania coloring pages.

Hotel Transylvania is an animated film from Sony Pictures Animation. It is one animated film that kids enjoy watching thoroughly. The story is about a human traveler who falls in love with Mavis, the Dracula’s daughter. Count Dracula does not agree with the relationship and tries everything to destroy it. What occurs is a funny series of consequences. Here are some coloring pages of characters from Hotel Transylvania.

1. Mavis:

Mavis is a typical 118-year-old daughter of Dracula. She is a headstrong, beautiful, curious and smart girl who longs to explore the world outside Hotel Transylvania. She also wants the Count to trust her and let her be independent. Mavis is a friendly and helpful young girl. She always tries to help people, even if it puts her life in danger.

2. Jonathan:

Meet Jonathan, the 21-year-old human who happens to stumble upon Hotel Transylvania. To help Jonathan blend in, Dracula disguises him as Johnnystein, Frankenstein’s supposed cousin. He is a young traveler who has come all the way from Europe to continue his worldwide travels. Jonathan is a curious, good-natured, and full of life and talkative person.

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3. Dracula:

Dracula is the strict manager of Hotel Transylvania and Mavis’ father. He appears stern but in reality, he’s a cool and funny guy. Dracula is scared of humans. In fact, he sees them as his enemies. Dracula is very protective of his daughter Mavis. At the end of the film, Dracula realizes that his daughter’s happiness is more important than anything else in the world.

4. Wayne:

Here is one of the interesting hotel Transylvania coloring sheets. Wayne is a guest at the Hotel Transylvania. He is a sad and miserable data processor in the day and a busy father at night. He came to Hotel Transylvania looking for a peaceful holiday. Wayne is a brown colored wolf with yellow eyes. He always wears a blue shirt and dark blue pants.

5. Murray:

Murray, the mummy, was a former entertainer to the great Pharaohs. He is one of the oldest friends of Dracula. Murray is a larger than life character with a boisterous personality. He loves to be the center of every party. Murray also has an incredible sense of humor. He uses his humor to avoid the arguments.

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6. Eunice:

Eunice is Frankenstein’s wife. She is a bossy and in your face kind of woman. But underneath, Eunice is a loving family woman. She makes up for the lack of forcefulness in Frank. Eunice is a light blue colored monster with green eyes and black and white hair. She always wears a purple turtleneck with a high waisted skirt.

7. Winnie:

Winnie is one of the werewolf pups. She is the youngest child of Wayne and the only female wolf pup. Like all her brothers, Winnie is also mischievous. But she is the only one who respects her father. Her sense of smell is sharper than an average werewolf.

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8. Frankenstein:

Frankenstein or Frank is the Dracula’s best friend and Mavis’ favorite uncle. He is an oversized man with an even bigger heart. Even Frank loves his adoptive family- Mavis and Dracula. Frankenstein is an easy-going man and gets along with almost everyone. But Frank is scared of fire. Even a lit match can freak him out.

9. Quasimodo:

This is one of the best hotel Transylvania colouring pages. Quasimodo is the gourmet chef at Hotel Transylvania. He is the antagonist of the film. His aim is to expose Jonathan as a human being. He is a fair-skinned man with yellow eyes, a big nose, and gray hair. You will always see him wearing a chef uniform with brown and green shoes.

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10. Wilbur:

Wilbur is one of the 59 pups of Wayne, the wolf. He is an ill-manned and rowdy wolf pup who never stays at a place for long. He does all sorts of mischief in the hotel. He attacks the zombie bellhops, jumps on the piano keyboard and urinates on the furniture. Now that’s some annoying mischief.

Your child will have a gala time with our Hotel Transylvania coloring pages. Treat him to this movie this weekend. Or show him he actual images of these characters before he begins coloring. It will help him paint the pictures better. And please don’t forget to share the work with us.

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