Top 10 Anastasia Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Paint

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Do you have an aspiring artist at home? Is she bored coloring the same cartoon and animal coloring sheets over and over again? Are you looking for some unique coloring sheets for her? Then you can try our Anastasia coloring pages.

In the film, the evil wizard Rasputin puts a curse on the Romanovs, which leads to the family’s execution. Fortunately, enough, grandmother escapes it but loses Anastasia is the process. Years later, the Empress offers a hefty reward to find Anastasia. Dimitri and Vladimir, two scheming Russians plan to pawn off Anastasia’s impostor. They held auditions and chose an orphan girl with a striking resemblance to the missing princess. They bring her to Paris, not knowing that she is the real Anastasia. Here are ten Anastasia coloring pages free to print that your child will love painting.

1. Anastasia:

Anastasia is the primary lead of the film. She is the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas 2, the last Russian emperor. Anastasia was the only member, besides the empress, to escape

the assassination. Anastasia was a playful and carefree child. But the consequence of the French Revolution left her bitter. Anastasia is a slender 18-year-old girl with blue eyes, long auburn hair and rosy skin.

2. Bartok:

Bartok is one of the principal characters in the film. He was initially Rasputin’s henchman, but after the execution of the Romanovs, he left Rasputin and strived to free Moscow. Bartok is a small and slender albino bat with pinkish hands and feet, pink eyeballs, nose, and ears. He reforms himself after meeting a female bat.

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3. Grigori Rasputin:

Grigori Rasputin is the antagonist o this film. The psychic Rasputin is the main inspiration behind this character. But, of course, he is a far more malevolent being than real-life Rasputin. Eager for revenge, Rasputin sold his soul to the forces of darkness in exchange of his amulet. Rasputin is a slender man with green skin, long beard, black hair and yellow eyes.

4. Dimitri:

Dimitri is the love interest of Anastasia in the film. Just like Marie and Anastasia, Dimitri also survived the Russian revolution. Dimitri is the cunning and an impatient con artist from St. Petersburg. His real interest is in the fast money. He becomes more concerned, tender and polite when he falls in love with Anastasia.

5. Pooka:

Pooka is one of the supporting characters in the film. He is the beloved pet and best friend of Anastasia. Pooka met Anastasia near an orphanage home and became her friend ever since. Pooka’s primary aim is to help Anastasia reach Paris. One of the unique features of Pooka is that he can lift himself up by his ears. Pooka is a gray colored dog with light blue eyes.

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6. Vladimir:

Here is one of the interesting anastasia colouring pages featuring Vladimir. He is another important character in the film. He is a kind and intelligent man with an excellent sense of humor. In the film, Vladimir tries to help Dimitri find Anastasia or her impostor to get the 10 million ruble award.

7. Sophie:

Sophie is Marie Feodorovna’s lady in waiting. She is also Vladimir’s beloved in the film. Sophie is an obese woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. You will always find her wearing a purple and blue dress.

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8. Marie Feodorovna:

Marie Feodorovna or the Dowager Empress is Anastasia’s grandmother. The Dowager Empress is a slender old woman with blue eyes and white hair. She may appear strict and stubborn, but she has a heart of gold. The Dowager Empress hates when people try to trick her. She got infuriated seeing Anastasia’s impostor.

9. The Reunion:

The image shows the Empress crowning Anastasia. Anastasia bonds well with her grandmother. But one fateful day, Rasputin kills the Romanova family. Anastasia and her grandmother escape the assassination, but could not escape Rasputin. But with the help of Vladimir and Dimitri, they reunite after ten years of separation.

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10. Marie And Sophie:

The coloring sheet features The Dowager Empress with Sophie. The Empress is reminiscing the good times shared with her granddaughter Anastasia. The beautiful details in the coloring page will hone your kid’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our 10 free printable Anastasia coloring pages are a great way to bond with your little princess. You can explain to her the value of family and relationships with these Anastasia coloring sheets. Has your child ever watched the film, Anastasia? How did she like it?

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