10 Innovative Ways To Teach Alphabet Activities To Preschoolers

10-Innovative-Ways-To-Teach-Alphabet-Activities-For Kids

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Now that your toddler has started school, he will need to develop his writing and reading skills. Toddlers who are bookworms and do a lot of writing and reading activity during their childhood are more likely to be smart and get better grades. And you would want your toddler to be like that, wouldn’t you? Want to know how to teach letters to toddlers? Read here to know more.

Top 10 Suggestions For Alphabet Activities For Toddlers:

It is true that children can be easily distracted and that they need varied stimulations to remain interested in one place. Well, to help you get your toddler practice writing without being bored, here we’ve put down the top 10 alphabet learning activities for toddlers.

1. Letter Rainbow:

Spread out colored pencils and white papers in front of your toddler. Using a plain black pencil, write down some letters you would want your toddler to learn. Now, using a colored pencil in each color of the rainbow, ask your child to follow your guideline and wri

te down the letter, thus creating a rainbow for each letter.

2. Name Bugs:

This activity is simple and at the same very interesting. Ask your toddler to write his name in cursive on a double folded sheet of paper, and then cut out around it. Now, when you open up the sheet, it will look like the body of a bug. Get your toddler to decorate the bug, give it a face and a body and other different features!

3. CD Case Mazes:

This one will help your toddler develop his skills to hold the pencil correctly. Use an empty CD case, place a sheet containing a simple maze (you can select one from the internet), and then close the CD case. Now ask your child to find a way out the maze using the marker to move along the glass body of the maze; this way, if he makes a mistake, you can wipe it out.

4. Cool Cards:

There’s nothing better than making a task personal and encouraging your toddler to do it. For his daddy’s birthday coming up, ask him to write down some good quotes (you can pick these up from the internet) and write them down himself on his own handmade card.

5. Journaling:

Even if your toddler isn’t really old enough to keep a journal, you can always encourage him to do so. Pick up a simple journal and ask him to decorate it himself and fill out his day’s activities using words and drawings. Get him to use sparkly glue and stickers to jazz up his hand written journal!

6. Chalkboard Wonders:

Believe it or not, the old chalkboard works wonders and does the trick every single time. All you’ve got to do is hand over a piece of chalk to him, and allow him to put down anything and everything that comes up in his mind. Also encourage him to learn a new word everyday and write it down on the chalkboard in different colored chalks.

7. Story-It:

This game is fun if you get some of his friends along. Pick up any random picture and hand it over to your toddler and ask him to write down a line about it on a sheet of paper and then ask his friends to do the same. At the end, read out what every toddler has to say about the photo. All present will be startled and delighted to see that a story has emerged from this exercise!

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8. Trace It!

If your toddler hasn’t developed the skills to write as yet, you can simply put down some simple sentences on a sheet of paper. Wrap it in a transparent sheet which you can pick up from a craft store. Now, ask your toddler to move along those lines using a marker pen.

9. Detailing It!

Another cool trick to help your toddler develop his writing skills is to introducing tracing to him. Get him to roughly trace out a few objects or animals on a sheet of paper, cut them out, and ask your toddler to detail it out using a black marker. Make sure you keep it simple.

10. Fill In The Blank Stories:

Here’s yet another creative idea. Put down a story that has some obvious parts missing with a blank, and simply ask your toddler to fill them out. Take inspiration from some story books, or from the internet. You can also ask your toddler to read his story aloud, so that you can record it in your phone, and store it as a sweet memory to relive later!

Teaching toddlers alphabet activities are some of the best ways to develop your toddler’s writing skills and shape his intellect and talent. What’s more, they’ll also keep your toddler busy in the constructive way.

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