10 Funny Ostrich Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

Connect The Dot OstrichHortenseMasai OstrichNala And Her OstrichO For OstrichOlive The OstrichOstrichSmiling OstrichSomali OstrichSouthern Ostrich

Do you want to teach your child about wildlife with the help of a fun activity? Or do you want to introduce him to some of the most exotic birds that live in different corners of the world? If you have been nodding along, then you must check out our ostrich coloring sheets!

An ostrich is a large, flightless bird with long legs and neck. Male ostriches have black and bold feathers while females have light brown ones. The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world. It can grow up to 9 feet tall. Here are ten super cool ostrich coloring pages for your little learner.

1. Ostrich:

Here is a cute image of an ostrich. Wild ostriches live in the woodlands and savannas of Africa. They once roamed all over Africa, Asia, and even Arabian Peninsula, but because of excessive hunting, their population reduced. You can also ask your child to stick a few pieces of black or brown feathers on this page.

2. Smiling Ostrich:

Brighten your bird lover’s day with this coloring sheet featuring a grinning ostrich. Ostriches are

very fast on their feet, so tell your child to color this ostrich as soon as he can. Lest it will run away.

3. Somali Ostrich:

Here is a coloring image of a Somali Ostrich. The Somali Ostrich is native to the Horn of Africa. People once considered Somali Ostrich as a subspecies of the common ostrich. But WWF now recognizes it as a distinct species. Unfortunately, it is on the verge of extinction now.

4. O For Ostrich:

Here is a perfect coloring sheet for your preschooler. Have your child trace the letter O in upper and lower case. After tracing the alphabet, encourage him to paint the ostrich’s image. Then tell him to write the word Ostrich on the page.

5. Olive The Ostrich:

The animated ostrich you see here is Olive. Olive the Ostrich lives in the outback with her family. While the rest of her family does typical ostrich things, Olive imagines herself going on adventures where she has problems to solve and friends to make.

6. Hortense:

Here is a cute coloring sheet of Hortense goofing around with Pluto. Hortense is an ostrich that appears in the cartoon ‘Donald’s Ostrich’. She always creates trouble for Donald Duck in the animated serial. Your child is sure to have to fun coloring this picture.

7. Connect The Dot Ostrich:

Here is a coloring sheet that will help to improve your child’s counting skills. Your child should join the 1 to 50 dots to draw the outline of an ostrich. Then, he can color the ostrich any way he pleases. He can also draw other animals and create a fabulous backdrop.

8. Nala And Her Ostrich:

The coloring sheet shows Nala from the film ‘The Lion King’ riding her purple ostrich. Nala is Simba’s mate. She rode the ostrich during her childhood. The ostrich would sing along Nala, Simba, and various other animals in the film.

9. Southern Ostrich:

Here is one of the lovely ostrich coloring pictures featuring a Southern Ostrich. It is a subspecies of the Ostrich and lives in southern Africa, mainly in the regions lying south of the Kunene and Zambezi rivers. The feathers of the Southern Ostrich are a precious commodity in areas surrounding the Cape of Good Hope.

10. Masai Ostrich:

The Masai Ostrich subspecies inhabit countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and Somalia. Unlike other ostriches, the Masai ostrich has small feathers over its head. Another interesting fact about the male Masai Ostrich is that the color of its neck and thighs turn bright orange during the mating season.

These free printable ostrich coloring pages will help your child unleash his creativity, enhance his knowledge and fine-tune his motor skills.

Which of these ostrich pictures to color did your child enjoy the most? Do tell us in the comments section.

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