20 Fun Learning Fisher Price Toys For Your Little One

fun learning fisher price toys for your little one

As parents, you always want the best for your little one and the same applies even to your selection of toys. A toy will not only be a plaything for your child, it will also help in physical and psychological developments.

In India, the brand Fisher Price is trusted unanimously by parents.This brand has a huge number of products that are extremely fun for your child. These also help in enhancing cognitive skills while learning new things at a tender age.

Top 20 Best Fisher Price Toys:

Here is a list of the top 20 Fisher Price toys for toddlers that not only bring on the fun, but also combine learning and development:

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes:

baby einstein take along tunes

This is a fun toy that provides friendly classical melody for your child.

  • It can be enjoyed at home as well as on the go.
  • Einstein Take along Tunes is your baby’s version of an MP3 player.
  • It has colorful lights that help in promoting visual perception.
  • This is very useful in developing your child’s hearing power.
  • Priced at INR 1881.

2. Toy Remote Control:

toy remote control

How many times have you tried to stop your child’s obsession with TV remote controls? Now is the time to get your child a personal one!

  • The Laugh and Learn Remote will help your child learn new numbers, first words, shapes and colors.
  • The toy features easy push up buttons, light-up, musical learning and realistic styling.
  • Priced approx. at INR 600.

3. See ‘n Say The Farmer Says:

see n say the farmer says See n Say toy, The Farmer Says will be a fun learning game for your child.

  • The toy features a farmer who says things with electronic sounds.
  • This is a two-way play game that includes animal identification and quiz modes.
  • This game helps your child learn new words, identify animals and learn through repetition and memory.
  • Priced approx. at INR 880.

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4. Discover ‘n Grow Baby Piano Gym:

discover n grow baby piano gym Discover ‘n grow Baby Piano Gym is definitely going to turn out your baby’s favorite gym.

  • It comes with a kickable piano that your baby will absolutely love to play with.
  • This baby gym helps to stimulate your baby’s visual sense.
  • It also helps to strengthen your baby’s motor skills as your baby stretches and kicks the toy.
  • Priced approx. at INR 3480

5. Soothe And Glow Seahorse Baby Soother:

soothe and glow seahorse baby soother Don’t be surprised if your baby insists this to be a magical seahorse.

  • The toy works like magic in calming your baby to sleep.
  • When this baby soother is cuddled, the belly gently glows and plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds.
  • This is a peaceful way for your child to fall asleep without you losing your patience!
  • Priced approx. at INR 870.

6. Dino Walker:

dino walker A large wheelbase and sturdy handle makes this adorable Dino (short for Dinosaurs) the perfect first walker for your baby.

  • It encourages progress with rewarding lights, sounds effects and upbeat music.
  • The walker features 3 lights and 5 sound effects to delight your baby during play time.
  • Priced approx. at INR 2600.

7. Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks:

brilliant basics baby’s first blocks Block games are great to let your child learn about numbers, shapes, stacking and in developing those motor skills.

  • It helps to build your baby’s early identification skills.
  • The blocks come in bright colors.
  • These are made in a way that is easy to hold for your child.
  • Your child can store these in the bucket.
  • This strengthens eye-hand coordination.
  • Priced at INR 599.

8. Lil’ Snoopy:

lil’ snoopy This is the perfect puppy for your little baby.

  • It helps in developing fine motor skills.
  • It develops the power of imaginative play, giving your child ideas about different ways to take care of little snoopy. Like giving water or cleaning the food dish.
  • This is a good way to prepare your child if you are planning to keep a pet at home.
  • Priced approx. at INR 580.

9. IPad Protector Case:

iPad protector case If you have an IPad and want to prevent it from any damage, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Captivity case is just what you need.

  • It comes as an IPad edition with the option to block the home button.
  • This device lets your child enjoy some high-tech fun just as adults.
  • Priced approx. at INR 1,160.

10. Shake ‘n Go Disney Pixar Cars:

shake n go disney pixar cars Cheer the feeling of joy of these Disney Pixar cars movies with your favorite characters.

  • Shake your Disney to start your engine.
  • You will hear him talk, when you let him go!
  • The best feature of this car is that the more your baby shakes it the further it goes.
  • Priced approx. at INR 980.

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