Top 10 Fun Loving Summer Activities For Preschoolers

Come summer and there come the lazy days thanks to the heat outside. If your kid is bored sitting at home all through afternoon, here are ten fun filled activities that you can try out to break dullness for him. Stretch your imagination for an hour or two everyday with your child by summer camp activities for preschoolers to keep him entertained. Sounds Interesting? Let’s get started!

Top 10 Summer Activities For Preschoolers:

Take a look at our list of fun summer activities for preschoolers, which will get your little ones hooked!

1. Sparkle it! Fun Activity:

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A complete fun filled exercise that will tap the best of creative abilities in your toddler.

  • Take a chart paper and write your child’s name in bold letters with a marker pen.
  • Roll, play dough in thin strips and help your toddler run the strips on the letters.
  • Fill sparkle paints in spray bottles and ask your child to spray it on the board till it’s completely covered.
  • Let it dry. Now take out the dough very slowly.

There glows your child’s name!

2. Mermaid Wands:

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Baby girls particularly will love this activity.

  • Cut a star shape from a cardboard and cut two more from a handmade paper.
  • Stick the handmade paper cut out on both sides of board.
  • Coat an even layer of glue on one side. Hand over a bowl of sand to your child and ask him to spray it evenly on the glue.
  • Then give some shells and ask her to glue it on it. Take a thin dowel and insert it into a channel in the cardboard.

There you go! A beautiful mermaid wand is ready.

3. Is It A Sweet Corn?

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Craft your vegetables at home. This is simply a fun filled activity which your toddler will love it.

  • Roll a bubble wrap on a rolling pin.
  • Take two chart papers, and draw two corn ears on one sheet and some husks on the other.
  • Take dark yellow paint in a big plate and help your toddler dip the bubble wrap in it.

Ask him to roll this on the chart paper and have fun!
Alternatively, he can also use a brush and dot the paper. Cut the two corn ears and assist him colour the husks brown and cut them. After everything, stick the dried husks to the corns.

4. Fun Jewellery With Macaroni:

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This activity is a great way to enhance the sensory and motor skills in your kid.

  • Take four cups of pasta (beads size) and put them separately in zip lock bags.
  • Add 2 tbsp of rubbing alcohol and 2-3 drops of different food colour in each of bag. Mix and shake it well. Add pasta and shake well, repeating with each color.
  • Drain out the excess liquid, put the pasta on a foil lined cookie sheet and leave it to dry for 6-8 hours.

Now, sit and enjoy making the macaroni necklace/ bracelet/bangles!!

5. Parachute:


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This one is a great activity to teach your kids about science.

  • Take a dinner sized rectangular colorful napkin and reinforce its corners with clear tape.
  • Punch holes of the same size on its four corners.
  • Cut a foot length four pieces of yarn and tie them to the holes and tape the ends down.
  • Tie the two strings of the same side (smaller side) with a reef knot, at a distance of ½ a foot from the hole.
  • Tie one more knot to them at a distance of 3’ from the previous knot and this would make the armholes.
  • Take a small toy of a military man and pop the arms of the man into the armholes.

The cadet is hanging to the parachute and ready to land!