10 Lovely Chimpanzee Coloring Pages For Toddlers

A Confused ChimpBaby ChimpC For ChimpanzeeCartoon ChimpChimp Climbing The TreeChimp FamilyChimp With Jane GoodallChimpanzee Eating A BananaCute ChimpMason And Phil

Do you want to introduce your child to the world of wild animals? Are you thinking of teaching your child about different animals through a fun activity? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you will find our post extremely helpful.

Chimpanzees reside in the forest, savannahs and woodlands of Africa. They are the most intelligent animals on earth. Check out our collection of chimpanzee coloring pages free to print below.

1. Cute Chimp:

If you are looking for a coloring sheet featuring a chimpanzee, then you will not find a better page than this one. The diagram shares a fun fact about the chimpanzee. It shows that chimpanzees are great learners. The coloring page also comes with the instructions for coloring the diagram. Tell your child to use slate gray for the body and flesh color for painting its face, feet, and hands. To color the background, he can use any shade he likes.

2. C For Chimpanzee:

Can your tot recognize the letter C? If no, then here is a coloring sheet that also involves a

little handwriting practice. Your child will have fun while coloring this amusing chimpanzee while he will also learn the sound and shape of the letter C.

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3. Chimp Climbing The Tree:

The chimpanzee here is trying its best to climb a tree. We think he is going to get some bananas. What do you think? Does your child know that chimps spend most of their time sitting on the trees? Take him to the zoo to let him watch them have fun!

4. Mason And Phil:

Mason and Phil, the two chimpanzees here are from the film ‘Madagascar Escape 2 Africa’. Both the chimpanzees are residents of the Central Park Zoo. Mason is an intelligent chimp who speaks with a British accent while Phil is a mute chimpanzee. Even though Mason and Phil are very different from each other in terms of attitude and dressing, it does not affect their friendship.

5. Chimp With Jane Goodall:

Here is a coloring image of Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee. Jane Goodall is a scientist and researcher who devoted her life studying wild animals, especially chimpanzees. If your child is an animal lover, then he will love this coloring sheet that features one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century.

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6. Chimpanzee Eating A Banana:

Here is a coloring image of a Bonobo chimpanzee eating a banana. Bonobo is one of the two chimpanzee species. The Bonobo chimpanzees look very similar to Common Chimpanzees but are shorter by a foot.

7. Baby Chimp:

Brighten up your child’s boring afternoon with this coloring sheet that features a baby chimp. It looks like this baby chimp just woke up from a nap. So tell your child to color it before he goes off to sleep again!

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8. Chimp Family:

Here is a coloring image of a chimpanzee family. These chimpanzees belong to the common chimpanzee species. People from all over the world love the Common Chimpanzee. They find it fun and intriguing at the same time. The common chimpanzees are lighter in color than gorillas. They have long arms and shoulders that allow them to swing from one tree to another.

9. Cartoon Chimp:

Here is a cute coloring sheet of a chimp having fun on a tree. Can you ask your child to brighten up the scene by giving the chimp and its surroundings some vibrant hues? As your child colors this page, he will fine-tune his motor skills.

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10. A Confused Chimp:

The chimp here looks confused about something. What could be the reason behind his confusion? We don’t know, but here is a fun fact for your child. Did he know that chimpanzees are our closest cousins? Yes, we share about 98% of our genes with chimpanzees! Now that’s one interesting fact.

These cute free printable chimpanzee coloring pages will be a hit with children of all ages. Your child may even come up with some questions about chimpanzees while coloring these pages. Try to answer every question that he asks, as it is crucial for his overall learning and development.

Did your child like our chimpanzee coloring sheets? Which page from this series is his favorite? Do tell us in the comments box below.

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