10 Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder In Teenagers & 4 Simple Treatments To Cure It

anxiety disorder

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Anxiety, as we all know, is a part of life. A little bit of anxiety is normal and healthy. But with extended time period, life can turn topsy-turvy.

The most common mental health problem found among teenagers as well as children is anxiety disorder. One out of every eight teenager suffers from anxiety disorder. Anxiety can be from mild to severe depending upon the person’s and its situation.

Understanding Anxiety Disorder:

You may feel worried or tensed occasionally but there are many who do feel anxious beyond control over an extended period of time. This condition is known as Anxiety Disorder.

  • It is a medical condition which, when not treated on time can affect your normal life.
  • Anxiety disorder can distress a teen’s normal life; affect their peer relation, school and home life. Such teens generally detach themselves from social life and participate in very few activities.
  • Hence timely intervention and treatment are vital.

Reasons For Anxiety Disorder In Teenagers:

The main reason for anxiety disorder is yet to be known by psychologist, but several things plays a vital role for this mental health condition:

  • Overactive flight and fight response
  • Genetics
  • Learned behavior
  • Stressful life circumstances.
  • Brain bio chemistry

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Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder:

Talk to your doctor if your teenager shows the following signs, over weeks or months. Some common anxiety disorder symptoms in teenagers include:

  1. Feeling nervousness.
  2. Seems to worries too much.
  3. Unrealistic fear.
  4. Sleep disturbance.
  5. Compulsive behavior – Trying to do something (action) for over and over again.
  6. Obsessive (thoughts or work which he can’t take it out of his head).
  7. Avoiding difficult situation by escape tactics.
  8. Physical signs like sore muscles, nausea, sweating, racing heart, stomach ache.
  9. Having tough time completing task at school.
  10. Forgetting and getting distracted easily.

Types Of Anxiety Disorders In Teenagers:

The first thing is to determine the type of anxiety your teenager is suffering from. There are five types of anxiety disorders:

  1. The generalized anxiety.
  2. Obsessive Compulsive disorder.
  3. Social Anxiety.
  4. Post traumatic disorder.
  5. Panic disorder.

Your doctor, after evaluating and diagnosing the one anxiety disorder type your teen is suffering from, will prescribe him the right treatment for it.

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Like in any other ailment, in anxiety too, evaluation is the first step for successful treatment. Parents also need to participate in this evaluation to obtain maximum background information in order to start with the treatment.

  • Reviewing the symptoms and its intensity.
  • A checkup of your teenager’s development with past medical reports.
  • Family background check.
  • Any past psychiatric consultation.
  • Mental health checkup.

Treatment For Anxiety Disorder:

Anxiety is not a disease but a condition and is therefore entirely treatable by counseling or mild medication, or a mix of both. Choose certified professionals to treat the disorder and determine the root cause of it. Some other form of treatment includes:

  1. Cognitive behavioral theory -Talking therapy.
  2. Self help.
  3. Other therapy includes –long term psychotherapy and family therapy.
  4. Alternative medication.

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How You Can Help?

With his or her anxiety getting treated, your teenager will feel relaxed and get ready for good things in life. You can also contribute to make life a little easier for them.

  • Talking to your teenager, understanding their worries, fear and physical sensation. Anxiety disorders don’t go unless your teenager speaks up.
  • Visit a doctor for a physical checkup. Condition like diabetes/ medicine used for treating asthma can cause anxiety disorder.
  • Give nutritious food, allow him or her to sleep well and exercise regularly.
  • Visit psychologist for referral who can treat anxiety disorder.
  • Always talk positive and support your teenagers.

We hope this article has enlightened you about teenage anxiety disorder. If you are someone whose teenager has suffered from such condition, do share your story with us. You experience and tips can help others to cope up from such situation.

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