5 Simple Steps To Deal With Your Teenage Son

Steps To Deal With Your Teenage Son

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Are you having teenager problems at home? Well do not worry, as this is a normal phase for all parents and their teens. You need to know that major psychological and physiological changes take place during the teen years. Boys go through many changes alike girls, the changes are sometimes hard to deal with.

Peer pressure and performance pressure can sometimes leave your teenage son confused and as a result, he might misbehave. And dealing with teenage son becomes a challenging task. As a parent, these changes are difficult for you too to handle. It then becomes important to communicate with your son and guide him. A positive approach is of prime importance.

Here Are The 5 Easy Ways On How To Deal With Teenage Son:

1. Your Expectations:

Teenage signifies growing years in your son’s life. In other words, he’s still learning. It is incorrect on your part, as a parent, to expect your son to behave all perfect and mature like an adult.

  • This phase is of emotional transition
    and is long in its way of stabilizing.
  • Your teenage son is confused about many things. He wants you to be there by his side.
  • There might be emotional outbursts; he might get angry too quickly. Instead of shouting at him, sit down and talk to him.
  • Tell him what is expected of him and how his actions are inappropriate.
  • Build confidence by saying that you know he’s mature and all that he needs is a little guidance- and that’s what you are there for.

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2. Your Household:

As much as boys like hanging out with their friends and staying out discovering the world by themselves, it is important that you teach them the importance of the household that he lives in.

  • Give him a part in daily chores and explain to him how his part is important.
  • This will help to create a sense of responsibility and also make him an active part of it.
  • Set a curfew time that he needs to follow and certain household rules that he needs to abide by (like no smoking at home).
  • Set deals with him. Household chore for going out. This one is probably one of the most effective ways of dealing with getting him to understand his part.

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3. Respect Him:

Continuously screaming and yelling at your son will not only hurt his emotions and make him insecure in the long run, but will also push him away from you.

  • It isn’t fair to belittle someone. Nobody likes it.
  • Respect your son’s choices and opinions.
  • His taste can be completely different from yours.
  • He could be an art-oriented and creative child amidst sportsmen of your house.
  • Do little things to make him comfortable.
  • Cook what he likes to eat when he’s home for dinner, play a music list that he likes.
  • Celebrate his achievements with family members.
  • Honor his choices no matter how different they are (as long as they aren’t incorrect).

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4. Home Is For Everyone:

He’s a boy and he’s growing up. He wants his friends over at his place and he wants a place to hang out.

  • Open your house for his friends.
  • Keep some snacks around for them all the time.
  • This will not only get you interacting in his life but will also give you a fair idea of the kind of friends he is hanging out with and you’ll be able to monitor them.
  • You might also discover that his friends have problems that he is looking solutions for.
  • Be there for the growing ones when they need you. That’s when they start respecting you and you earn their trust.

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5. Lend An Ear:

Your boy might act big and mature and prefer not sharing anything at home. But remember he’s a growing child.

  • He has several insecurities and problems that he wants to talk about and share.
  • He could be simply looking for someone to talk to.
  • It is your responsibility to build a friendly atmosphere, where he feels comfortable to open up his mind and speak.
  • Your talking to him will simply cement your relationship stronger.

These should be helpful for you to grow along with your children. The trick here is to change with your new generation while retaining your roots wherever required. Be ready for the changes, always. Don’t resist it. You must draw boundaries, but be well prepared to change expectations as required to be able to get along with your teenage son well.

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Hope this article helps you on how to deal with a teenage son in a much cordial manner. Remember, you too have been through this phase so support and understand him well, because this too shall pass.

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