5 Fun Things To Do As A Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom

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Are you a new mom who has decided to spend time with your little bundle of joy at home? Do you plan to be a mom who stays at home but don’t want to get bored once your baby settles into a routine? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Many women choose to bid farewell to their careers post motherhood to bond with their baby. Do you want to know five must-dos that can help you celebrate your brave decision? If you want to be a stay at home yet make sure you have lots of social interactions and other engagements, read on.

What Do Stay At Home Moms Do:Five Things To Do

A stay at home mom often has to manage multiple things at the same time, especially with a new baby. Here are five things you can do to make your stay at home mom status comfortable and fun:

1. Plan And Prepare:

Planning your day in advance will help you organize things in a better way.

There will be certain common things that you and your family do on a daily or regula

r basis. For example, breakfast time, nap time, cooking, play time, office work (if you or your partner work from home) and so on.

Make a timetable that includes the routine activities. Leave the option to be flexible in case something special comes up during that time.

Knowing what to do when will help you and your family organize the day better and find time to enjoy and relax.

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2. Join A Mommy Club:

What do stay at home moms do? Well alot. As a new mom, you will highly benefit from a mommy group in more ways than one.

There are various places where you can get to know about a mommy club in your area.

You can connect with other moms in your society building or your neighborhood park. You can also make friends with other moms at your baby’s playschool, or your local club, at the gym, or even through online groups.

If you don’t find a mom group, you can always find a few mommy friends. Connecting with women who have babies as young as yours will help you experience motherhood better as it will also help you discuss your doubts and queries and fight stress or depression.

3. Plan A ‘Me’ Time:

You need to rest and relax to take good care of your baby and family.

It is important to have a ‘me’ time at least once a week.

Depending on your family’s schedule, you can plan an outing with your friends, relax at the local spa or go for a walk at the beach. You can even head out for the movies or just take a book to the park.

Inform your family about where you are going but ask them only to call you in case of emergency during your ‘me’ time. There a lot of things for stay at home moms to do.

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4. Pat On Your Back:

As a stay at home mom, you are almost doing everything single-handedly, that too in a non-stop mode.

Unfortunately, some people might not realize the hard work and energy you put into your SAHM job.

Give yourself full credit for the wonderful job you are doing. Understand that it is a decision you have taken for your baby’s care, so be proud of it.

By being with your baby, you have to don the role of a teacher of family values too. So be proud of the job you are doing!

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5. Allocate Responsibility:

You may want to do everything on your own, but allocating responsibility will help you manage your fatigue and stress.

There are many chores that are important but may be taking a toll on the time you spend with your baby. Hand these out to other members of the family.

Ask your partner to help you with chores like ironing or chopping the vegetables (so that later it saves time when you cook).

Allocate age-appropriate tasks like watering the plants and setting the table for dinner to your older children.

Being a mother is an amazing experience, but you may often miss out on the enjoyment part in taking care of everything. Take a break and get back to see life in new ways through your baby’s eyes. Spend time with your baby in the bath and play with those bath toys. You can also take a walk with your baby in the park or lie down on the floor with your baby and just let go.

Are you a stay at home mom? Do you have any special strategies that help you balance your mommy time and ‘me’ time? Do share your tips with other moms here.

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