Top 5 Parenting Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

Parenting Mistakes

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Are you always evaluating your parenting skills? Do you think you make certain mistakes as a parent and want to rectify them?

If you have felt any of these emotions, you are not alone. Most parents make some common parenting mistakes, without even being aware of the same. Read on to find out what are these mistakes and what you can do about it.

Top Five Parenting Mistakes:

Here are the five most common mistakes parents make, without realizing you are doing so:

1. Stop Saying ‘Just Do What I Say’:

‘Do what I say’ is probably one of the most repeated phrases you use as a parent.

  • Telling your child what to do is fine, but you need to back it with some reasoning too.
  • Just asking your child to do something will make it a mechanical routine. Your child won’t understand why you have asked him to do a particular thing in a particular way.
  • It can make your child repeat the same mistake.
  • Explain to your child the logic behind doing certain things and most likely, he will remember
    it next time.

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2. Follow What You Preach:

You tell your child to eat vegetables but when it comes to you, you conveniently skip them.

  • As a parent, you are your child’s biggest role model. Your child will emulate all that you do, consciously and unconsciously.
  • Make sure that you lead your child by example.
  • Not practicing what you preach will confuse your child as he will notice the double-standards soon.

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3. Don’t Give Too Many Options:

A classic parenting mistake you may make without knowing is giving too many options to your child.

  • You may think that asking your child to choose will make him more confident, but that is not always true.
  • Too many choices can make your child feel confused and indecisive.
  • It is good to let your child decide, but offer him few options only. For example, if you want your child to decide what to wear for the outing, let him choose from three dressing options.

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4. Ensure Your Child Has Some Free Time:

In this competitive age, you may want to enroll your child in as many extra classes as you can. But is it always a good thing to do?

  • You may have selected a different class for your child for each day of the week. Of course, you want him to be an all-rounder and trust his capabilities.
  • However, your child may struggle to cope with a tight schedule. It may stress him and take a toll on his innate talent.
  • Let your child enjoy some free time by helping him manage his schedule in a better way. It will help your child release any pent-up emotions and will also hone his social and interpersonal skills.

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5. Be A Friend But A Parent First:

You want your child to trust you and always confide in you. Your may be trying hard to be your child’s friend, but what about your parental status?

  • Your child wants to see a parent in you as much as a friend.
  • To ensure your child is comfortable to share his feelings with you, you may often don the role of a friend. In many cases, you may also treat your child as a little adult, discussing things the way you would do with a peer. Your strategy may work if your child is a teenager. However, if your child is young, you need to interact with him at a level he understands.
  • For your child, you are primarily the parent. When you put on the role of a friend, chances are, it may confuse him. You are the parent, and you need to act with authority, especially when it is in your child’s interest, even if it upsets him.

All parents make mistakes, and you need not feel too guilty about them. Parenting does not come with a guide book, and you to polish your skills on the job. Strike a balance between fun and discipline, strive to make a healthy relationship with your child for life.

Were there any biggest parenting mistakes you felt you were committing? How did you rectify the same? Do share your experiences here.

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