5 Common Family Rules Parents Should Not Ignore

Family Rules Parents Should Not Ignore

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Do you feel your home is turning into a chaotic mess with each passing day? Are you thinking of bringing in some discipline and common routine in your home? Do you feel that having some common rules can help your children learn the importance of family and responsibility?

If you are trying to imbibe any of the above, setting a few common family rules can be a good idea. Find out some of the most effective common family rules and see which ones will work best for your family.

Top 5 Common Family Rules:

Here are five common family rules that will help create a semblance and discipline in your family:

1. Dine Together:

This may seem like a rule that is not so important. However, family dinners are a building block of the child and parent bonding, and can make for some important family time. One of the finest family house rules.

  • Make sure you plan a meal with the entire family at the dinner table at least once a day. The most common time is ideally dinner time, when everyon
    e can sit together at the table.
  • If you feel it is not possible to have a family dinner each day, make sure you do it as and when possible each week.
  • Whenever someone in your family sits down for a meal, ensure it is at the dining table. No sitting on the couch and eating while watching TV or sitting on the carpet and eating while playing.
  • Hand out responsibilities to your kids to set the dinner table. Make sure they know what they have to do and how to do it. It will instill a sense of responsibility in your kids and they will participate more in dinner time.
  • Ask every member to discuss about their day and what happened. Encourage your kids to do the same. It will ensure you always have a good communication going on with your kids.

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2. No Yelling:

Yelling is by far the easiest way to show your anger or displeasure. However, if you feel it is something your kids should not do, make sure you stop doing it yourself.

  • It is natural to lose your cool at times. Make sure you practice self-control and do not yell, no matter what.
  • Encourage breathing exercises in your kids and show them a better way to handle their anger or frustration. Yes, kids do get frustrated too, so help them channelize their emotions better.
  • Yelling is disrespectful. When you stop doing it, your kids will automatically cease to yell and shout. Show them how important it is to respect others. Teach them that an open discussion is always better than yelling.

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3. Travel Safety Rules:

Whether you are an adult or a kid, safety family rule while traveling are extremely important.

  • Make sure everyone buckles up the seat belt before driving off.
  • No phone calls or text messages are allowed while driving.
  • If traveling with an infant or smaller kid, ensure they are always properly secured in an age-appropriate car seat.
  • Teach all members of the family to watch out for the others. In case someone forgets about any of the travel safety rules, make sure the others remind them.
  • Make it clear that these safety rules have to be followed always, whether traveling in their own car or with someone else.

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4. Clean Up After Yourself:

No one likes to pick up after the whole family, and no one should.

  • Teach your kids about cleaning up after themselves.
  • Depending on their age, give them some age-appropriate cleaning up responsibilities.
  • If you have smaller kids, ask them to clear up their play and study space after it’s done. If you have older kids, ask them to help with overall clearing up of the house.
  • Make sure you and your partner follow the rules too and do not leave a mess behind.

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5. Always Ask Permission Or Inform Before Going Out:

It is important to inform the family before going out anywhere.

  • Teach your kids the importance of talking to parents before going out anywhere.
  • Your kids need to ask your permission before going anywhere, even if it is just to the friend’s house next door.
  • Tell your kids that they are only allowed to go somewhere if you or your partner gives the permission.
  • To help your kids learn, make sure you and your partner always inform the family about wherever you are going.

Common family rules are a great way of imbibing respect and discipline in the house. Teach your kids that they represent your family wherever they go. Certain behaviors like disrespect, violence or snobbery is not acceptable, no matter where they are. Also, make sure everyone in the family is on the same page about the rules. Sit down and discuss before you put something in as a rule.

Have you set down any common family rules yet? Are there any special tips you follow to ensure everyone practices them? Do share your suggestions here.

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