10 Easy Ways To Balance Your Work And Family Efficiently


Being a working mother is tough to balance work and family. Hence, it’s natural to feel stressed out and exhausted. Sometimes, many working mothers are at a loss in prioritizing things which later is the cause of their feeling guilty.

10 Easy Ways For Working Mothers To Balance Work & Family:

Well, things are about to change – for the better! We have come up with some useful parenting tips for working mothers to help relieve all the stress and be there for your kids without missing your work.

1. Share Your Responsibilities with Your Partner:

There is nothing wrong to ask your better half to share some of your responsibilities, instead of doing everything on your own. Allow him to step in to share some of the parenting duties when your kid is sick or attend a parent teacher meet when you are stuck at work.

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2. Let Go Of the Guilt:

Do not brood over the guilt with loads of questions in your mind such as, Am I a good mom? Do my kids miss me? Am I doing it righ

t?etc. Think of the positive things about how work benefits your family, such as affording better educational opportunities, savings for future education, etc., to overcome your guilt.

3. Hunt for Reliable Childcare:

Seek help from your friends or relatives to get some reliable source of babysitters, nannies or day care centers. Speak with the babysitters or nannies and choose the one who has a long term commitment to families. This means that they are capable of handling babies, toddlers or teenagers and would mold the child in the right way.

4. Stay Organized:

If your mornings are unbearably hectic, it means you are not organized. On the previous night, choose the clothes for the next day and decide about what food you need to prepare. Pack the diapers, school bags or work bags and leave them near the table by the door. Hang the keys in the key stand to prevent hunting for them at the last minute.

5. Have a Family Calendar:

Having a calendar would help you prioritize your needs. Mark the occasions like birthdays, meetings, outings, vacations to help you remember it in advance. Mark the days you wish to go shopping for groceries, visit your friends, prepare a project for your kids, etc. and paste it on a wall.

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6. Have a Discussion with Your Employer:

Have a good communication with your employer and ask for details like how many holidays you can take in a month, how much would be paid leave and what the procedure is to apply for sick leave or maternity leave(if you are expecting again). This would help you to take a holiday accordingly, especially when your kid or spouse is not well.

7. Stay Connected with Your Kids:

You can record a song in your voice which can put your baby to sleep. Also you can hand your kid a small note or a good luck gift if you are not able to attend your kid’s event at school. You can talk with your kids during your break and your kids would stay comforted. This way you can strengthen the bond between you and your child.

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8. Leave Issues of Work at the Office:

This is an essential tip to remember if you wish to draw a line between your professional and personal life. Being ambitious at work must not make you ignore your kids. When you think about workplace issues at home, it might lead to venting it out at your kids.

9. Limit Wastage of Time:

Do not spend hours browsing emails or chatting on the phone. This might affect your productivity in the office. Focus on tasks to be completed and have a chit chat with your colleagues at your workplace during the break time.

10. Create Family Time:

Organize family time every weekend. Instead of switching on the TV, you can spend some time chatting with your kids and spouse to have a family time. Play board games, watch movies or go for an outing. Avoid talking about your workplace or friends and focus only about your spouse and kids.

So have you read our 10 effective tips for working mothers to be successful? You can now realize that instead of worrying about the limited hours you spend at home, you can instead focusing on making that time a fun filled one with your family. Enjoy your motherhood and work!

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