10 Creative Cake Ideas for Your Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a great way to throw a party for your pregnant friend before they become busy with motherhood, and entangled in the new routine. While the idea is to cheer your dear mommy-to-be, you also have to make sure that everyone who attends the event has a great time. Guessing games and gifts are a norm. But the best part of the baby shower is the cake. Personalized baby shower cakes are one of the best ways to make your loved one feel special.

Top 10 Best Baby Shower Cakes:

Here are 10 super fun baby shower cake ideas to make the day even more special:

1. Guess The Gender Cakes:


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The baby’s gender is a matter of curiosity for the whole family. Why not play a game while cutting the cake? The gender cake can be made in two different tiers, one tier layered with blue frosting and the other with a pink frosting. The cake can be also be made with two square or round cakes placed side by side with same kind of color frosting on each cake


Such a cake is usually referred to as ‘gender-reveal’ cake. But in India, ‘gender-guessing’ games are usually played during the traditional “Godh Bharaai” (Baby Shower Ritual), as the gender determination laws are strict. So to add more happiness to the occasion an additional fun cake is always special!

2. Baby In A Bathtub Cakes:

Who doesn’t love seeing a baby gleefully splashing around in a tub? Mothers-to-be would love to see such cute visuals in their last leg of pregnancy. Driven by the same idea, a cake can be made in the shape of a tub with blue piping gel depicting water. A gum paste with a plastic baby can be set inside the tub. Other baby stuff such as floating rubber duckies, a towel, a tiny bathrobe and tiny baby slippers can also be added to increase the fun quotient of the cake.

3. Sleeping Baby Cakes:

This is another interesting idea. Although the idea of cutting the cake version of a sleeping baby or a baby bum may look gross to many, you can add a sleeping baby fondant topper on a beautiful cake. This way the topper can be removed and set aside carefully, while you cut the rest of the cake. There is nothing more cute in the world than a peacefully sleeping baby, and this will pep the mother to be.

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4. Baby Crib Cakes:

This is such a fun filled cute cake idea! Have a rectangular baby crib shaped cake made, completed with fondant or gum paste railings. Add an edible teddy bear topper, and a few fondant baby necessities such as baby bottle, pacifier and a rattle. A quilted fondant gives the look of a soft baby blanket. Watch the mommy to be and the rest dig into the cake!

5. Baby Bottle Cakes:


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Have a tall cake designed to look like a baby bottle. Cover with white fondant and have a teat topper on top. Add a satin ribbon bow around it to give a softer look. This cake will sure make the mommy-to-be happy and delighted. You on the other hand may receive a lot ooooohhh’s and ahhhh’s for a wonderful idea on such a happy occasion. For more you can ask your baker to add a little baby fondant on the cake so as to look more cute.

6. The Stork Cake:


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The stork cake could be in a single tier or two tiers with different flavors in each tier. Add a stork carrying a bundle on top for a symbolic effect. The bundle could have a pair of cute baby feet sticking out. Have the stork dressed up in a hat to add some style. This is one of the most loved baby shower cake styles across the world, as stork symbolized of the oncoming baby.

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