10 Unique Gift Ideas For Baby Shower

Unique Gifts

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An expecting mother certainly enjoys being treated special, because a baby shower is all about ‘her’ and ‘her baby’.

During the early third trimester of pregnancy, the mom to be is emotionally and physically drained. She also probably is quite worried; her body is now totally changed and the due date is nearing. So a baby shower party at this point of time will definitely boost her spirits.

Choosing the best from various baby shower gift ideas mainly depends on your budget and on the level of closeness you have with the mom-to-be and your budget. But remember that the roots of showering gifts are based on practicality, which is providing the mother and the baby with basics that both of them would need in the first year after the baby is born.

Choosing Baby Shower Gifts :

No matter what your budget is, all that really matters is how much time and effort you would put into selecting a great baby shower gift. The most common shower presents could be

  1. Baby clothes like tops
    , socks, mittens, bath blanket.
  2. Food stuff like burp clothes, flavoured pacifiers.
  3. Diaper items like cloth and rash creams.
  4. Grooming items like nail clippers.
  5. Cleaning stuff like wet wipes.
  6. Medicine cabinet stuff like thermometers.
  7. Play stuff like rattles, baby mat, colorful soft toys.

Top 10 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts:

So you are more interested in knowing why you should select certain things as baby shower gifts. Well, we are happy to elaborate on the top 10 baby shower gifts that are a perennial favourite of every expecting mom.

1. Hold-all Bag:


Once the mom-to-be becomes a mother to a newborn, a hold all bag will help her to organize the necessary items needed in day to day infant care. There are tons of bags to choose from ordinary to branded ones like Kate spade and Rebecca Minkoff, who have their own bag lines for the new mom.

  • A bag with multiple compartments, to keep her essentials organized and easy to trace.
  • A diaper bag which has a waterproof lining and again has 3-4 compartments.
  • One, which has a long strap and can be used over the shoulder, which will keep it stripping off her shoulder.
  • A bag that stands up on its own, so that it’s easier for the mom to reach in and find what she needs with one hand. Especially helpful when dealing with a squirming baby.
  • A bag with a solid closure, a strong zip, so that nothing falls down when the mom bends over or if the bag drops down

In addition, if your budget agrees then you can gift 2 bags a big one and a smaller bag, which some mothers keep it in the car at all times, with the necessary on the go baby items.

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2. Baby Sling Carriers/Baby Backpacks/Front Carriers:


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With a baby that seems to be awake and demanding during all hours of the day, a new mother often is weak to carry her baby for long, so this gift will be very useful one. But, remember to:

  • Check and see that all the straps are easily adjustable.
  • The fabric should be soft, durable and easy to wash.
  • It has an adjustable inside seat so that can be used with the growing baby.
  • Should not be too heavy.
  • Should have padded shoulder straps, leg opening and a hip belt.

For a personal touch, you can have the baby’s name embroidered on it. As it is a hands free carrier, it comes out very handy for every mom.

3. Sleep Sack Swaddle:


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This is a perfect gift for baby shower that can be used every day starting the day they brought the baby home from the hospital. The two in one sleep sack swaddle hugs the baby to prevent the reflex and allows the baby to stay calm and cozy and sleep more soundly. You can discontinue swaddling once the baby starts rolling or tries to break out of the swaddle wrap, you can then use it as a sleeping bag. It should have:

  • 100% Cotton interlock.
  • Have an option of hands in and hands out.
  • Should have an inverted zipper so that baby’s chin is not pinched while a nappy change.
  • It should be made up of a super soft fabric to keep the baby warm and comfortable.
  • Should be machine washable and dryable.

Swaddling always helps the new mother get a little extra sleep, as infants swaddled tend to sleep for a longer period. There is no better gift to the new mother than the gift of sleep!

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