Is It Safe For You To Work During Pregnancy?

Work During Pregnancy

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Are you a working woman who is now expecting a baby? Are you worried on how you’ll cope with work pressure and pregnancy tantrums? Is your job safe for you and your baby? Working while pregnant is an option for most women.

It’s natural for women to get this kind of thoughts, but the best is to clear your doubts. We are here to provide useful information on pregnancy while working. Are you with us? Just read along.

Is My Work Safe For My Baby?

Well, if your job doesn’t involve too much of physical strength or labor, use of chemicals or toxic substance.Or jobs that may require standing all day long like traffic inspector are considered to be risky and may cause few ill effects during pregnancy. So if your job doesn’t fall in any of the above categories, go and enjoy it.

Working While Pregnant Is It Safe?

If, during your prenatal checkups, nothing odd or serious has been diagnosed, you are safe for work. Mostly the doctor recommends if there is a complication and you need b

ed rest, with no stress, you must stop working during your pregnancy. However, if yours is an uncomplicated one, you are the lucky one and can enjoy your work [1].

Is Commuting To Office Via Public Transport Safe?

Traveling via train, bus and car and air is pretty safe in pregnancy. However, you should always wear a belt and avoid movement when bus is moving to evade risks of a sudden fall [2].

Is A Computer Bad For My Baby?

Earlier there were concerns raised saying that computers may harm the fetus. However, a recent study suggested that there is no direct link between miscarriage and usage of computers. Hence, you can continue using computers at workplace [3].

What Kind Of Complications Could Stop Me From Working?

For few, specific conditions in pregnancy, your doctor may advise you complete bed rest, and you may need to stop working then. The conditions are:

  • Preterm labor
  • High Blood Pressure
  • If the fetus isn’t growing properly
  • If you have a history of late miscarriages

Would Talk About My Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms Rupture My Professional Image?

Well, you need to be handling it professionally. It’s not necessary that your team members and the boss is supportive enough. So if you keep jabbering or complaining about nausea or morning sickness, there are chances that it could backfire.Make sure to meet all your deadlines and keep your team, and the boss informed about any emergency if arises. Chit chatting with your team members, about the trouble in getting enough sleep or your cravings for the chocolate milkshake isn’t professional at all. However, you can share them if you know your team is supportive enough.Also you should know when to stop working during pregnancy.

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How Can I Take Care Of Myself In The Office?

1. Don’t sit for long hours, even if your meeting is getting extended, you can excuse yourself for few minutes. Take a walk and then join back.

2. Keep some food items handy enough, to just grab and go like an apple or muffins or snickers or even fruit drinks.

3. If possible, during lunch hours catch a 15 minutes power nap.

4. If possible during lunch hours you can also go for a walk.

5. Listening to music could also get away with stress, and you may feel more relaxed.

6. Never use stairs while you are talking on the phone.

7. Walk slowly and steadily and watch out for signs reading “Wet Floor” to avoid slipping.

Is It Necessary To Tell My Boss About The Pregnancy?

Pregnancy at work means informing your boss as well.Well, legally if you say it’s not a rule. However, if you need some favor[like leaving because you are drowsy] or even maternity leaves, you would need to give them in writing. So conveying beforehand, or once it’s obvious to them, it’s your choice.

What Type Of Attires Could I Wear To Office?

Most of the firms have a strict policy of dress code, and they may not excuse you because of pregnancy. So, if its formals, buying some pregnancy trousers with matching shirt should be a good idea. Or if you are more comfortable with skirts and a blouse you can surely wear them. Overall you need to be comfortable in that dress for almost ten hours (assuming eight hours of working and two hours of travel).

Do you have a question, which is yet not answered? Let us know, and we’ll be back with the answer to making your pregnancy days happy and lively.

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