Top 10 “A Bug’s Life” Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

AttaDimDotFlikHeimlichHopperQueenSlimThumperTuck And Roll

Is your child’s summer vacation around the corner? Are you looking for some activities to keep him occupied during his vacations? Then you must consider our A Bug’s life coloring pages.

Disney brought a whole new perspective to the world of insects in “A Bug’s Life’. In the film, Flik sets out to save the ant colony from the greedy grasshoppers who took their entire food supply. We have selected 10 of the coolest characters and the buggiest scenes from “A Bug’s Life” for your child to color.

1. Hopper:

Hopper is the primary antagonist of the film. He is not just ruthless and violent but is also cunning. He takes pleasure in killing the ants. He also killed two of his gang members to keep control of his group. He sees compassion and mercy as weakness, and the mere thought of being weak irritates him.

2. Flik:

Flik is the protagonist of the film. He is a nerdy and inventive ant who wants to make a difference to his colony’s way of life. He even creates a telescope by wrapping a blade of grass around a d

ewdrop. But, unfortunately, he makes things worse in the process. Like he accidently destroys a pile of food for the grasshoppers, causing the grasshopper leader to double his demand.

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3. Atta:

Atta is the lovely female lead in the film. She is the princess and later queen of the ant’s colony. Atta is the eldest daughter of the Queen of the Ant Island. She feels nervous about the newfound responsibility and often worries about what the colony would think of her. She also plays Flik’s love interest in the film.

4. Dot:

Dot is the youngest daughter of the Queen. She is Flik’s only friend and supporter in the film. Dot is a brave, friendly, sweet and feisty little fly. She hates being small though. Dot is a lavender colored ant with small transparent wings and blue eyes.

5. Heimlich:

The cute caterpillar you see here in Heimlich, one of Flik’s closest friends. He works as a clown in P.T. Flea’s circus. Heimlich has a gluttonous appetite. You will see him eating most of the time in the film, especially while helping the ants make a model bird to scare Hopper. His dream is to become a beautiful butterfly.

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6. Tuck And Roll:

Here is one of the best bugs life colouring pages featuring Tuck and Roll, the twin pill bugs in the film. They cannot speak or understand English. They speak entirely in gibberish. Tuck and Roll are the cannonballs in P.T. Flea’s circus troupe. Even though they argue occasionally, Tuck and Roll are the best of friends.

7. Dim:

Here is a coloring sheet of Dim having a great time with the circus troupe members. Dim is a rhinoceros beetle. He is a fierce, sensitive, funny, kind and an innocent circus performer. His aim is to become a circus star.

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8. Thumper:

This coloring sheet shows Flik ready to fight Thumper. Thumper is one of the minor antagonists in the film. He is a grasshopper with sharp teeth and pale skin. Thumper is Hopper’s pet and his chief enforcer. He has a feral and vicious personality. He does not think twice before brutally beating up any insect that disobeys Hopper.

9. Slim:

This coloring image shows Flik with Slim. Slim is the walking stick insect in the film. He gets nervous and erratic, which causes P.T. Flea to reprimand him. Slim is unhappy with his position in the troupe. His boss casts him as a prop instead of a character, which irks him big time.

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10. Queen:

The coloring sheet features the Queen of the Ant Island along with her pet Aphie. The Queen is the secondary antagonist in the film. She is Atta and Dot’s mother..The Queen is a very caring mother with an excellent sense of humor. She often makes jokes out of the situations that are not very serious.

Make sure you check out our other Disney coloring sheets also. You will surely like them. What did your child feel about our A Bug’s Life coloring pages? Did he like them? Tell us here.

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