Top 10 Buffalo Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

B For BuffaloCape BuffaloCarabaoEuropean BisonMama Buffalo And CalMurrahSwamp Buffalo Water Buffalo
Buffalo eat
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Do you want to introduce your child to the different kinds of domestic animals that live in the world? Are you thinking of teaching your child about different animals through a fun activity? If your answer to these questions is yes, then why don’t you check out our free Buffalo coloring pages printable?

Buffaloes are herbivorous animals belonging to the class Mammalia. They are a source of milk and meat in many civilizations. Buffaloes eat grass, plants, and woods. Here are ten coloring sheets that will help your child learn a bit better about this animal.

1. Buffalo:

Here is a simple coloring image of a buffalo. The diagram has broad outlines, so even your preschooler can color it with ease. As your child colors this sheet, share with her some basic information about buffaloes like their breeds and species.

2. European Bison:

Here is one of the best buffalo colouring pages, featuring a European Bison. They are relatives of American Bison but are slightly taller and larger than them. European Bison

, as the name suggests, inhabit Poland and other European countries.

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3. Cape Buffalo:

Cape Buffaloes or the African Buffaloes can be violent and dangerous. Their horns are so hard that even a bullet cannot pass through it. They love to eat shrubs and leaves. Woodlands and grasslands are their main habitats, but you can find them in jungles too. Cape Buffaloes have a reddish brown coat and horns that curve upward and backward.

4. American Buffalo:

Here is a cartoon image of an American buffalo. The American Buffaloes are native to the plains, river valleys and prairies of North America.

5. Mama Buffalo And Calf:

The mighty mama buffalo and its calf are in the need of some colors to shine. You can take the coloring session as an opportunity to explain the charm of a mother-daughter relationship to your little one.

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6. B For Buffalo:

Here is a coloring sheet that will teach the letter B to your preschooler while helping her spell buffalo. The coloring image is also very easy. You can also tell her about the names of other animals that start with the letter B.

7. Swamp Buffalo:

The Swamp Buffalo is the most common type of buffalo in Southeast Asia. It inhabits marshlands. The Swamp buffalo is a domestic animal that helps greatly in the cultivation of rice. It prefers living in a cool climate.

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8. Water Buffalo:

Water buffaloes are the largest of all the buffaloes. They reside in the marshlands of the subtropical forests of Asia. They have an average height of five to six feet. There are two main breeds of water buffalo- wild water buffalo and domestic water buffalo. Wild water buffalo are now one of the endangered species in the world. You will now find them only in the protected areas of India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

9. Carabao:

You will find this breed of buffalo in Philippines and Guam. It has a heavy built and small size. It is usually slate or light gray in color. But tell your child to make its image as colorful as possible. It can survive well in the hot climate as well.

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10. Murrah:

Murrah is a breed of water buffaloes popular for its milk production. The Buffaloes are common in Asia and South America. Murrah buffaloes live in regions that experience hot to moderate climates. The realistic image of the Murrah will give your little one a close look at this docile animal.

We hope your child enjoys coloring these free printable buffalo coloring pages while she learns more facts about buffaloes. Do not forget to tell us your child’s favorite buffalo coloring sheet from this series in the comments section below.

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