Top 10 Stingray Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Cartoon RayCute StingrayGiant StingrayMiss StingrayMr. RaySouthern StingraySpotted Eagle RaySting And Manta RayA Majestic StingrayBluespotted Stingray

Do you want to introduce your child to the mysterious world of sea animals? Are you looking for some activities to keep your child occupied during vacations? If you have said yes to the above questions, go right ahead and give her our collection of stingray coloring pages printable.

Coloring pages are an excellent way to teach your child about different kinds of ocean animals. Stingrays are the most dangerous and interesting sea creatures. You can help your child to recognize a Stingray by its thin elongated tail and barbed stings. The venom glands of the Stingray inject a very painful toxin when it stings. Here are ten coloring sheets on Stingrays to spark your child’s interest in the marine world.

1. A Majestic Stingray:

Here is a realistic image of a Stingray diving in the ocean. Do you know that sea divers identify a Stingray due to its characteristic flat body? You will find Stingrays in the tropical areas of the world.

2. Southern Stingray:

Here is a coloring image featuring the Southern Stingra

y. You will find this type of Stingray in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean. Southern Stingray has a diamond shaped body with a white underbelly and a barbed tail.

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3. Spotted Eagle Ray:

The spotted eagle ray is a gorgeous sea creature. It has white spots all over its inky body. It eats small fish and crustaceans. While deep sea diving, you may spot one digging the sand of the seabed with its snout for food.

4. Bluespotted Stingray:

The Bluespotted Stingray has vibrant blue spots on its green body. It preys on fish and mollusks. The creature inhabits the seas from Japan to Indonesia and also along Australia.

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5. Giant Stingray:

Here is a coloring page that shows a sea diver with a giant Stingray. The sea diver is not looking even a wee bit scared of the huge Stingray’s venomous sting. Do you know why? It is because Stingrays sting only in self-defense. So it is unlikely that this Stingray will harm him.

6. Miss Stingray:

Here is an adorable Stingray coloring sheet for your little princess to color. Miss. Stingray is ready and is now admiring herself in the mirror. Where do you think she is going? Is she going to a birthday party or a baby shower? Tell your child to write a short story about Miss Stingray.

7. Mr. Ray:

This is one of the cute stingray colouring pages, depicting a scene from the Disney film ‘Finding Nemo’ and the Stingray you see here is Mr. Ray, a blue and white eagle ray. Mr. Ray is the teacher in Nemo’s class. He is a jolly science teacher who imparts marine education. He takes his little fish pupils for a ride on his back for teaching them about the other creatures of the sea.

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8. Cartoon Ray:

Cartoons have the power to make even the most dangerous animals look kind and friendly, just as we see here. The Stingray here looks adorable enough to hug. Tell your child to make it look even more attractive by adding a dash of vibrant colors to it.

9. Cute Stingray:

The marvelous Stingray on this page seems to be rapidly racing to the bottom of the ocean. Ask your child to color it before it escapes to the seabed. Let her not forget to color the bubbles too.

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10. Sting And Manta Ray:

Here is a coloring sheet that features both a Stingray and manta ray. Let us share some facts about the manta ray. Manta ray is the largest species of ray. It spans between 18 and 23 feet and weighs up to 3000 pounds! Make sure your child uses bright hues to bring this ocean scene to life.

So why wait? Go ahead and take a print out of these free printable stingray coloring pages to create a marine life coloring book for your child.

Do tell us your child’s favorite from this series of stingray pictures to color in the comments box below.

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