When Can Your Baby Start Eating Meat?


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“When can I start feeding my baby meat?” Do you often find yourself thinking about this question? Well, you are not alone. As a mother, your primary goal is to ensure your little one gets her daily dose of nutrients, especially iron. Since the time you delivered your baby, she has been getting her nutrients from only breast milk.

After weaning and with time, the iron levels in your baby start depleting. It is imperative that you ensure that your little one get her dose of iron for normal growth and development. Read on to know when can babies eat meat.

What Age Can Babies Eat Meat?

Iron is a nutrient that is obtained from animal protein. According to ‘The Infant Feeding Guidelines 2013,’ you can begin introducing solids like poultry and lean red meat from the age of six months. Below are mentioned some signs that you need to look for that shows that your baby is ready for solids including meat.

  • Your baby has started getting more curious about textures and tastes at this
    point of her growth cycle. She is now ready to explore beyond her milk diet.
  • She has developed good neck and head control and can sit upright when supported in the high chair.
  • See if she is reaching out for foods placed on the table and opens her mouth when you bring the spoon near her.

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How Can I Give More Iron To My Child?

You can add meat to your baby’s daily diet without getting too hassled. You will find her enjoying every spoon full of meat and that will ensure all her daily iron needs are met. Here are some trivial things to be kept in mind:

  • You need to cut the meat into smaller pieces.
  • Make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly.
  • You can blend the meat to form a puree with cooking water, pumpkin or sweet potato.
  • You can achieve desired consistency by making a paste with your breast milk or formula milk.
  • Some babies may not like the texture of meat, for these babies the pureed form may work. Your baby with time will learn to like tender meat and the different preparations.

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Nutritious Meat Recipes for Your Baby:

It’s now quite common to offer meat to babies as soon as they start on solids. However, make sure to consult with your doctor before offering meat to your baby. Here are two simple and delicious meat recipes that you can try:

1. Meat Puree:

Meat Puree

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This can be a great option when you are introducing meat for baby food for the first time.


  • Boneless meat pieces not more than an inch big
  • Cooking juice or plain water
  • Salt and pepper


  • Put the boiled meat chunks in a food processor and puree it to make a smooth paste.
  • Add cooking juice or plain water slowly to get the desired consistency.
  • Add some salt and pepper. You can also add her favorite fruit to it and make it tastier.

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2. Creamed Meat And Potato:

Creamed Meat And Potato

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This can be a yummy preparation for your little one.


  • 1 cup of boiled meat
  • 1 medium sized baked potato
  • 1/2 cup low fat milk
  • 1 teaspoon flour
  • 1 tablespoon margarine or butter


  • Melt margarine or butter in a pan in low flame.
  • Add flour and blend with milk to get a smooth consistency.
  • Cook in low heat to thicken the mixture.
  • Add the boiled meat pieces and the baked potato.
  • Stir for another 3 minutes.
  • You can add your desired vegetables to it as well.

In case you find your baby experiencing allergies after taking meat, you need to make sure to get in touch with her doctor at the earliest. Otherwise you can relax and just make sure the meat is cooked and/or pureed very well. It is better to avoid chewy things at this age, as the risks of choking hazards are very high now.

Hope you liked our post on when can baby start eating meat. Do share with us what creative ways you tried to make meat recipes interesting for your baby. Simultaneously, share this article among your friends and family.

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