3 Yummy Peach Purees For Your Baby

Peach Purees For Your Baby

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As a mother, one of the prime focuses of your life is to give nutritious food to your baby. You may often consult doctors on what to add in your baby’s diet.

Putting an end to your worries, we tell you of one fruit that is highly beneficial for your baby’s health – Peach. It surely must be, considering renowned American author Alice Walker also once said how life is worth living because it has peaches in it.

It is one of the best fruits you can give to your 6 month old baby. Here we have discussed some benefits of including peaches for baby and recipes for you mommies.

Why Peach?

Peach seems to work wonders to strengthen the digestive system of your baby.

  • If your child faces problems of constipation then the cure lies in feeding him Peach.
  • Peach serves as a great finger food. Cooked or ripe peach can be diced and given to your darling.
  • Pieces of peach, when frozen to be served to your baby, can help in soothing and relieving teething pain.
  • Peach is a rich source of Vi
    tamin A, C, Niacin and Folate.
  • It also includes calcium, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium.
  • Minor quantities of iron, manganese and zinc are present too.

All these nutritious elements help in the healthy growth of your baby.

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Peach Recipes For Babies:

You can make food interesting and fun for your baby by cooking peach for baby food in an innovative way. One of the simplest ways of feeding peaches for babies is by making a puree of it. Check out here 3 simplest ways of preparing peach puree for babies:

1. Peach Puree:

Peach Puree

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This is one of the first foods you should try to feed your munchkin. The steps to make peach puree for babies are as follows:

  • You need to first peel a peach.
  • You can then cut the peach into dices. Boil or steam it in a pan until it is cooked or become tender. You can also boil the peach pieces in a pan of water.
  • Now use a food processor or a blender to make a puree of the cooked pieces of the peach.
  • You can use the water left after cooking the peach to get the required consistency.
  • You can add cereal to thicken the puree as well.

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2. Peach Punch:

Peach Punch

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Peach punch is an interesting recipe that most babies like. In this recipe, you will need bananas and apples along with peaches.

  • First you need to peel some peaches and apples.
  • Cook them in a pan of water either by steaming them or by boiling them, till they are tender.
  • Mash the cooked peach and apples with the help of a blender or food processor.
  • Add some pieces of banana to it to make a smooth paste of all the fruits.
  • You can add some water to reach a smooth consistency of the fruit punch.

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3. Peaches And Tapioca Magic:

Peaches And Tapioca Magic

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As the name says, this yummy recipe has two wonderful elements in it – Peach and Tapioca!

  • Peel and pit the peach.
  • Boil half a cup of water in a pan.
  • Add one-third cup of quick cooking tapioca in the pan, while you continuously stir it. Cook it for around 5 minutes at low flame.
  • Puree the peach and add it to the cooked tapioca.
  • If your baby is 8 months older, you can add vanilla yoghurt for better tastes.

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We hope our information of peach helps you choose it at the right time for your baby. If you have a favorite peach recipe, do share it with other mothers in this forum.

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