5 Amazing Benefits Of Oranges For Babies

Orange To Your Baby

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Breast milk serves as an important source of food for babies till six months, as it has all vital nutrients. After this age, along with breast milk or formula milk, you must start giving solid foods to your baby. That way you can add a little variation in your baby’s diet and let your darling explore different tastes and textures.

Start with the king of fruits – Orange! Orange is known to be a highly nutritious and a delicious fruit. Here is what you should know about oranges.

Can You Give Oranges For Babies?

This is the first question, which arrives in every new moms mind. The answer is YES, you can easily add oranges to your baby’s diet, but in moderation.

You must have a word with your doctor before giving orange or orange juice for baby. Since orange belongs to the group of citric fruits, it may cause allergies in your baby. It’s always to be safe than sorry.

5 Benefits Of Oranges For Babies:

Orange is not only a tasty fruit, but also posses plenty of health benefit

s. . Here some other health benefits of oranges:

1. Oranges are rich in minerals and vitamins that are extremely beneficial for babies. They are particularly vital in the first year of your baby’s development.

2. Indigestion or dyspepsia is common among babies. Oranges can help in improving the digestive system of your baby.

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3. Lack of dietary fiber can result in constipation in your baby. Feeding pulpy fruits like orange can help reduce the chances of constipation as it is high in fiber.

4. Babies tend to get rickets as they continue to develop due to lack of phosphate and calcium which weaken the bones. You can keep at bay such diseases by feeding oranges to your baby.

5. Oranges are highly effective for curing cold and cough. It also protects your baby against secondary infections related to cough and cold.

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5 Important Considerations:

While giving orange or orange juices to your baby can yield many health benefits, there are some vital considerations that you need to keep in mind. Let us have a look at them:

1. Make sure to peel the seeds, fiber before offering oranges to your baby. Inspect the orange flesh and see to it if it contains seeds.

2. If you are not sure of how to give oranges to your baby for the first time, you can mash it.

3. Give only the sweet oranges to your baby or else she might not like the taste.

4. You must give only fresh fruits to your baby. Check the condition of the fruit and avoid it if you find some soft spots.

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5. If you are giving orange juices, it is better to avoid the commercially available ones. These generally have preservatives and sugar added to them.

6. Make juices at home and offer them fresh to your little one and give it to your baby in his or her favorite sipper.

All you need to do is to peel and de-seed. You can even mash and offer this tangy fruit to your little one. He or she will surely love every bit of it.

In case if you are still unsure about giving orange to your baby, consult with your pediatrician. You can discuss your concerns and queries with him or her and free your mind from all doubts.

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Did you feed your baby with orange or orange juice? Which other fruit or juice did you consider giving to your baby? Do share your valuable experiences with other mothers by commenting below.

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