Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy – Everything You Need To Know

Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

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Have you been thinking about plastic surgery of late? If you are a new mother and have been feeling low about losing your hourglass figure post-pregnancy, you are not alone. Plastic surgery is the latest buzzword when it comes to bringing a makeover to new mothers.Plastic surgery after pregnancy is something many mothers look forward too.

There are several kinds of post pregnancy plastic surgery options offered by clinics specially catering to women after childbirth. Let’s discuss the major ones.

Breast Augmentation:

A cosmetic surgical procedure to change the size or shape of the breasts, refers to breast augmentation. This form of plastic surgery usually takes the aid of breast implants or resorts to another process of breast up lifts to lend a new shape to the breasts. (1)

1. Breast Implant: There are two types of breast implant namely silicone gel breast implants and saline breast implants. While one uses implants filled with silicone gel, the other has a silicone en

velope filled with a sterile saline solution in the form of an implant.

2. Breast Lift: Mastopexy or the surgery to lift and reshape sagging breasts. It also reduces the size of the areola, which usually enlarges during and after pregnancy.

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Breast Reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction is the most popular form of plastic surgery conducted soon after mastectomy. It is done to prevent or treat breast cancer. An immediate reconstruction after mastectomy includes minimum surgery and a scar-free skin. At the same time, delaying breast construction also gives the skin time to heal.The breast skin is reconstructed in three different ways:

  1. Reconstructing the breast with an immediate implant.
  2. Reconstructing by expanding the breast skin tissue.
  3. Reconstructing the breast with a tissue graft.
  • Breast Reduction:

The surgery conducted to reduce the size of one or both the breasts, when the two are of unequal sizes ,refers to breast reduction. The latter disorder is macromastia. (2)

  • Stomach Tightening (Abdominoplasty):

This process is a solution to skin laxity, muscle weakness, C-section scars and the occasional hernia, the major complaints raised after childbirth by new mothers.

  • Liposuction:

Among the most popular options for post pregnancy plastic surgery is liposuction.It helps in spot fat reduction and body contouring. The otherwise formidable fats of the hips, the thighs, the buttocks and the upper arms, are made to reduce are reduced through this surgery.

  • Feminine Rejuvenation:

The labia, at the pelvis, mostly suffers from damage after a vaginal delivery. Either there is a tear or laxity. Here, vaginoplasty repairs a lax or torn vagina thereby allowing women to regain sexual pleasure and helps them to feel more comfortable in skinny clothes.

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  • Changes In Skin Pigmentation:

A common facial pigmentation change in women after giving birth, refers to Chloasma. Often temporary, some of them might take a longer time to leave the skin. A bleaching therapy to cure this pregnancy mask is another form of cosmetic surgery.

  • Leg Veins:

The weight of the enlarged uterus presses on the abdominal and pelvic vessels. Further exacerbated by the estrogen levels, towards your post pregnancy you may prominently notice veins on legs. It is rectified by sclerotherapy or laser therapy. Though the process is optional, it may become necessary in the case of large varicose veins. (3)

When To Consider:

Your body takes nine whole months to expand your uterus and make way for the development of a new life within you. In the same way, returning to your pre-pregnancy days will be time-consuming. Hence, the right time to think about plastic surgery is when you achieve an equilibrium with the post-pregnancy body and are out of the maternal blues.

Risks And Complications:

1. With augmentation, patients may experience bruising, soreness, swelling and increased sensitivity, particularly around the nipple.

2. The major risk associated with silicone gel breast implants is, that they may cause nervous system disorders, in rare cases, loss of vision too

3. A plastic surgery to reduce breast sizes may cause mild discomfort during the first menstruation post-surgery.

4. It may also result in pain, minor bleeding, and drainage of liquid from the wound and infection, slightly mismatched size of the nipples and occasionally failure of blood supply to the transplanted areola.(4)

Safety Measures:

If you have resolved to opt for a plastic surgery, it is important to acquire a few important tips. Finding a qualified doctor, and a hospital which has a reputed name in the field, should be the top priority. It will also be wise to stay informed about the possible risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure. (5)

It’s always not necessary to get accustomed to the horde of changes pregnancy brings about in your body. A post baby plastic surgery is an option, readily available in the scene when required.
What are your views about undergoing a surgery? Please share your valuable thoughts and views with us in the comments section.

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